Self-massage the face : some useful tips

No doubt: a modern woman looks a lot younger than their peers who lived 100, 50 or even 30 years ago.Today, no one wants to turn the clock back, but to delay the appearance of the first signs of aging, and, above all, wrinkles, protect the skin - a matter of honor of each of us.

«peach-cheeks" - short-lived wealth.Already in the 25 years it begins the biological aging process slows down skin cell activity.

By age 30 the upper layer of the skin refreshed 2 times slower than, for example, 15 years.Changes and structure of collagen - the skin coarsens, dims, designated the first wrinkles.

For 40 years of sebum is released three times less than in 20 years, the skin loses moisture quickly.A person sometimes looks as though carved from ivory.The mite brings hormonal changes.Falling estrogen levels: the skin becomes less elastic.

By 45-50 years the skin begins to dry dramatically - increasing the number of wrinkles, they become deeper.

nature, you might say.Yes, but it is debatable.Indeed, some say that

in 20 years the face given to you by God, after 30 you are responsible for it, and the beauty of the 50 it needs to be earned.And this is in addition to cosmetics, nutrition, massage plays an important role.Massage in beauty salon you will skilled beauticians, but here we will focus on self-massage.

Here are a few simple rules that are important to follow.And the first of them - in any case, do not move the skin during the massage.Otherwise, there will be more harm than good.

Camomassazh do the massage lines, ie,lines of least skin tension, which all cosmetic procedures performed.During the massage it is important to not only the direction of movement, but also the duration and the pressing force.

All self-massage movements made three circles.First round up light cotton tips with folded 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers;second round - pushes the pinch, and the third circle - the vibratory motion, the so-called finger shower.

"With 20 years of a person given to you by God, after 30 you are responsible for it, and 50 beauty it must be earned."

Another important rule: before repeating each movement or the transition to the next area of ​​skin fingers should at the moment linger deeppressure on the part of the face where the last movement ended.This is by no means impossible to displace skin.To

fingers slid well, self-massage with normal to dry skin need to use fat nourishing cream, which, however, should not be sticky, viscous.It can add a little vegetable oil.For oily skin massage using talc.

for self-massage yourself comfortable in front of a mirror.Tie a scarf hair, loose neck.Clean your face.During the treatment of the face and neck muscles should be relaxed jaw decompressed.

Self-massage is performed in the following order:

• the first circle of self-massage light cottons are repeated 2-3 times;

• the second round (pushes) - 2 times;

• the third circle (finger shower) up to 3 times.

If the time you do not have much, all movements can be performed once.When the sequence of movements learned camomassazh takes no more than 4-5 minutes.