To breasts were beautiful ( massage technique for beauty and health )

Did you know that with the help of massage and special exercises you can adjust the shape of the breast, give it elasticity, tighten.However, as for the size, it is hardly - if only a little, and in some cases.But exercise and massage will make your breasts more relief, but also play the role of prevention of cancer.• There is a fairly simple process and effective method, as the massage water jet.It is desirable to do every time, taking a shower.It only takes a few minutes, but this massage have a beneficial effect on the state of the chest, raise its tone, tighten the pectoral muscles, renew dead cells.

1. Water jet, perform a circular motion in the upward direction, at least 10 times.Avoid pressure on the nipple and areola area.
2. Then perform the same movement, but with high pressure on the area under the chest, between the breasts, and upon them.
3. Slowly move the bottom up to the armpit, you can use a stronger head.
4. Loosen the jet, go back to your chest.In general, the duration of the procedu

re should last 7 to 10 minutes.

Keep in mind that the pressure should not be too strong - in order to avoid injury to the chest (but not too weak, otherwise the effect will not be), and the water temperature should be comfortable.

After a shower rub and put on a chest special cream for breast or simply nourishing or moisturizing cream.

• This massage can be alternated with massage scattered jet.To do this for 12-18 minutes lead up from the shower to the edges of the shoulders in a circular motion, capturing with décolletage.Then pat the skin with a towel and apply the cream.

• You can also arrange a massage seawater.This does not necessarily go to sea.Simply buy in a drugstore sea salt and add it to the bath.Taking a bath, gently massage in circular movements of the chest, the skin over the breast and under her.Blot with a towel body, apply the cream.

• And to maintain the elasticity of the breast and the skin of the whole body is very useful dousing with cold water, or cold douche.Alternating hot and cold gives a double effect: hot water opens the pores and cleanses and cold track has a stimulating effect, enhances the circulation of the skin.It is - how to charge only for the skin.