Aromatherapy .Relax surrounded by the scents

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are known to mankind since ancient times.Archaeologists at excavations constantly find vessels with incense - the image elements of fragrant plants.The Bible describes the various effects of the use of natural aromatic substances from the magical to the aesthetic and medicines, and in the Qur'an says: "The smell - it's food, awakening the spirit ...".

very detailed descriptions of the use of aromatic substances can be found in the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana".There also appear the first mention of scented candles and sticks used to create a favorable atmosphere in the premises, all kinds of magical rituals and treatment of diseases.

ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated incense and spices - its weight in gold, and considered them symbols of wealth, as well as the most valuable gifts.Chinese philosopher Wang Wei in the admonition to his disciple, wrote: "The flavors are on you clean and repair, strengthening your energy and filling your

mind calm and peace."And EIRoerich believed that odors are able to manage not only the mood, but also for work.

Modern research has also confirmed the link between smells and the state of the human soul.Aromas can affect exciting, calming, balancing or reducing and provide appropriate therapeutic effect.Depending on your goals, you can use every time a new oil.

  • Eucalyptus: fresh and lightly pungent smell.The oil helps relieve inflammation and is very good as an ingredient in inhalation for respiratory diseases.They are well rub joints in rheumatism and osteochondrosis.
  • Bergamot: Oil is perfectly uplifting, relieves fears and reduces the temperature.
  • Lavender: the smell is very strong.Lavender oil is very good for headaches and fatigue.
  • Tea tree: like the fragrance of eucalyptus, but slightly heavier.Oil has a unique disinfectant action.
  • Cinnamon: a sweet smell, so reminiscent of the Christmas holidays.It strengthens the respiratory tract and aids in digestion.
  • Citrus: pleasant and fresh smell, have an antiseptic effect.The oil has been successfully used for bathing, rubbing the joints with pain, relieves tired feet.
  • Juniper: harmonizes the surrounding space, reduces the effects of bad energy, helps to concentrate during meditation.It is one of the most effective agents for women's diseases.
  • primrose oil or borage.good relieves stress.
  • geranium oil.It helps with depression, fatigue, nervous tension, anxiety, and in some forms of impotence.It increases mental and physical activity, especially in the elderly.

If you do not use the finished foam bath, prepare yourself emulsifier.Aromatic oil to bleed to the surface and spread out evenly across the water, such as emulsifiers may be used cream or milk, as well as liquid soap.Then add sea salt, salts with additives herbs or honey aroma oils.Your mood improves, you are perfectly relaxed, and your skin will become soft.

ideal temperature for a bath - from 36 to 38 ° C.Lying in the bath, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a cup of tea.Turn on your favorite music, light scented candles - your imagination has no limits.

great composition refreshing aromatic baths: herb thyme - 20g, marjoram - 50g, rosemary - 10g, lavender - 10g, tea soda - 350 g

Being in such a pleasant environment, think about something pleasant.When finished taking a bath, stand up, but do not rush to flush: walk around in it, lifting his feet high.

The effect of this procedure is enhanced if the bottom of the tub to put a foot massaging mat or other Massager, designed for these purposes.The action on the acupuncture points of your feet will increase blood flow throughout the body and it will have on the positive "shaking" impact.