Train facial muscles

And when they had come, these damn wrinkles when they began to swell my eyes, become flabby cheeks ?!

To this did not happen as long as possible, the skin must be regularly assist, manage and without a special "charge for the person."After the systematic training of facial muscles leads to muscle recovery, enhance its functional activity and raise the tone of the skin, which does not reach even with the best and most caring cream.

Cosmetology designed weight exercises for the face.Here are the main and the most effective ones.

This complex exercise reduces puffiness under the eyes, tones the skin, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

* For a start - close the eyes;then - pause, count to three, then again, eyes wide, pause.Running 5 times.Then - and tightly closed eyes wide open, holding at the outer corners of the eye circular muscle of the index and middle fingers;pull the lower eyelid to the top, looking forward;pause - 2 sec .;then relax your eyelids, lowering it.

* Just holding her head, slowly

roll your eyes in a circle - left, right - 5 times.Then, looking forward, slowly moving his eyes to the left;pause;We return to the starting position.Doing exercise consistently moving his eyes left, right, up and down.

A double chin, sagging skin can be to do these exercises.

* First - inhale through the nose with a strong expansion of the wings of the nose, exhale through the mouth (several times).Then - the teeth are closed;breathe through the mouth;corners of the mouth pulled away sharply to the side;exhale through the nose.Then - with serried teeth breathe through the mouth;exhale through the mouth or by pulling his lips into a tube, or through the right and left corners of the mouth.Then - inhale through your mouth;exhale through the mouth, puffing out his cheeks, inhale through the nose with the retraction of the cheeks;exhale through the mouth.After that - a slow breath through your nose, throwing his head back;exhale through the mouth;head back in and out.n

* After the first part of the complex - when inhaling through the nose is the maximum tilt of the head toward the right shoulder (shoulder not to raise).;head back in and out.. N you exhale through your mouth;exercise is repeated in the opposite direction.Then, make a circular head movements from right to left and left to right;these movements can not perform dramatically.

All these exercises should be carried out daily.First, repeat the exercise 2-3 times, then - to 10 and even up to 20 times per workout.