Lozhechny massage ( massage technique for beauty and health )

Spoon is in every house: large, small, dessert.But all these spoons can be used for fashionable nowadays lozhechnogo massage.Attend professional or call the masseur at home does not necessarily - with a massage, and you can do it samostoyatelno.Dlya massage the face and neck will suit the usual soup spoon, if there is a silver - even better.

for rejuvenating massage is necessary to prepare base - 100 g olive oil 2 drops of essential oil of melissa.A spoonful before the massage should be warmed in hot water, then grease and only then proceed directly to the massage.The main motion - in a circle.It can be clockwise, and can be against it.Massazhiovat need to forehead, cheeks, and all the places where wrinkles have started to appear.Neck, too, need to pay attention, but it is necessary to massage a little softer than the face, trying not to hurt the thyroid gland.Carefully need promassazhirovat chin and cheekbones.

The result, of course, will be.But only after regular use.Ideally - a facial massage is be

st to do two or three times a week.To do so, the most appropriate time.For example, in the morning, in the bathroom when you have no one sees.During the massage, look in the mirror, smile, and be sure to imagine how your skin is smoothed and becomes an attractive color.

Massage hot or warm with a spoon helps get rid of wrinkles, oil nourishes and strengthens the skin, and regular use provides a clear contours of the face and elasticity muscles.

Massage cold spoon (for this purpose it must be lowered into the ice melkokoloty) helps get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Cold spoon can be massaged and stomach - a good massage removes the folds of fat.Massaging should be cold with a spoon in a clockwise direction around the navel.For decollete suit warm spoon to combat cellulite - cold.

to massage the abdominal approach peppermint oil (2 drops per 100 g of the base oil) to massage the face with dry skin oil of myrrh, for acne chamomile or rose oil.Massage spoons can be done without the essential oil, but the effect of it will not be as pronounced.You can simply pick your favorite flavor and enjoying its smell, do yourself a massage.