Massage.The basic massage techniques

Massage - a miracle cure, relaxing, gives strength.Of course, the specialist will massage you better, but something can be learned, and the most, and that it is possible to ask for a loved one.

There are some massage techniques, which are based on whole complexes.Hands should always be warm.

Stroking - relaxing pace of the massage, the masseur who sets up the hands and body of the patient on the same wavelength.Stroking begins and ends with any massage.But this method should not leave more than 10% of the time from the rest of the massage.Important in this reception to hand glided smoothly over the skin - slowly, as if caressing.

Rubbing - massage is a technique based on the displacement and tissue stretching in different directions, the masseur's hand must press down on the skin and remove it.This reception is usually given to 30-40% of the time by just a massage.The palms of the hands of the masseur should be stretched, and the fingers on the contrary relaxed, but at the same time, as if glued

to the skin.If fingers massage is performed, then when bending of pressure on the skin increases with extension - is reduced.There are linear and circular rubbing rubbing.Circular grinding - this bias fabric in a circle.If the massage is combined and rubbing straight and circular, that such a method called spiral rubbing.

Kneading - it receive a massage when the skin and squeeze the grip fingers, lift and shift.In this method takes up to 50% of massage time.When kneading the nutrition of tissues, blood circulation and microcirculation in them improving.

Shock techniques, or, as they are called, intermittent vibration techniques - is frequent and rhythmic beats committed fingers and hands of the masseur's hands.In this method it takes only a few seconds.Variants of this technique are puncturing and effleurage.Puncturing fingertips perform consistently as when playing the piano.In a moment of 100-200 beats performed.When there is a rhythmic shaking effleurage tissues.Intermittent vibration improves muscle tone and blood circulation