Aromatherapy massage

massage beneficial to our organism difficult to overestimate, and massage has a double effect with the use of essential oils.Massage is useful in itself, and the aromatic oil, penetrating through the skin provides an additional therapeutic effect.

only in diluted form are used to massage all the aromatic oils.As a base for massage best use fatty vegetable oils such as corn, soybean or olive.Typically, 20 g of the base oil is taken from 3 to 9 drops essential oil.

There are three kinds of aromatic massage: soothing, invigorating and exciting.

easiest to master an aromatic massage.It can be used for relaxation, eliminate constipation, when to menstruation and breathing problems.Remember the basic techniques and try to make yourself a massage.

- Begin massage, putting both hands relaxed on the lower back massazhiruemogo, on either side of the spine.Drive with your hands up on the back, then over her shoulders and down, sliding on his back.Invest your weight in motion.Repeat as many times as is necess

ary to relax the back.

- Perform small circular movements with your fingers, starting with the lower back and the neck, but do not press on the spine.Then follow the same circular motion around each blade to relax nerve nodes and bulges.Repeat massage, starting with the first movement.

"Using a variety of aromatic oils, can achieve a variety of effects:. Relax or tone up"

- Moving his hands from the spine to the sides, massage your entire back, as if pushing out toxins in the direction of the floor.

- to relieve tension from the shoulders massage their upper part, alternately grabbing and squeezing muscle tension, as if you knead the dough.Repeat the very first movement.

Aromatic foot massage will help you to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, which helps to eliminate toxins, liquids, alleviate spasms, can prevent varicose veins.

- Starting with the ankle, stroking legs up to the thigh with both hands, driving along the foot with one hand after another.Keep your hands down without pressure.

- to relieve tension in the muscles and eliminate toxins from deep tissues compress the calf muscles and thighs, pulling them to one or the other hand.Repeat the first movement.

Massage does not require the application of all of your strength, the movement should be smooth confidence.

Using various aromatic oils, can achieve a variety of effects: relax or tone up.And if you want to please a loved one, pick up a stimulating aromatic oils, dim the lights and turn on the slow music.Favorite certainly appreciate your efforts!