Your type of character and flavors your

Flavor essence for themselves and their loved ones can help the new trends of French psychologists that bind types of human characters with flavors.

1 st type - extroverted

you optimistic, cheerful, active and able to take risks - in other words, a born leader.The boring company always make fun, enjoy challenges that require quick action.Your style - practicality, expediency, modernity.Such people are most useful to use a citrus and floral aroma oils: lemon, orange, mint, juniper, cedar, fir.

Type 2 - introverted

important for you inner peace and harmony.You are quite sociable, but easily able to disconnect from the outside world.Often contemplate.Avoid companies superficial people.Rejects attacks on your personality.Corresponding to this type of style - individualism and originality.It is necessary to give preference to the Eastern spicy aroma: sandalwood, patchouli, rose, vanilla, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, jasmine.

third type - emotionally changeable

It is lively and cheerful, but thin-ski

nned people.They eagerly respond to what is happening and seek to enjoy life.They do not like promiscuity.Often make impulsive decisions and rushing to the goal with enthusiasm.If the people of this type of offense, they will struggle to find peace of mind as a soon as possible.This type selects the modern lifestyle, with sudden gusts impulsive.They correspond to the following aromatic oils: chamomile, lavender, rosemary, tea tree.

4th type - fickle emotionally extroverted

You have a set of features 1 and type 3, so you will be the best means aromatic composition made up of several flavors.Combine the citrus essential oils and floral and fantasize.

5th type - emotionally changeable introvert

you do not like a feverish activity, restlessness, anxiety.Strive for peace and security, all the planning in advance and in detail.Permanent work with moderate wage prefer well-paid, but a temporary contract.

avoid conflicts.You need security and financial stability.Your style - a love for simple and expensive things.Better for you to be sweet floral and oriental aromas of rose, sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli, ginger, coriander, neroli.

6th type - emotionally stable extrovert

These individuals harmonious and strong character.They rarely feel unhappy or depressed.Has a mass of useful qualities: know what they want, easily solve the problem, do not hesitate over the past, to create happiness with his own hands, confident, sociable and energetic.They are distinguished by a love of high-quality, practical, nice things.It is best suited arborvitae aromatic oils, tea tree, pine, geranium.

7th type - emotionally stable introvert

You strive for inner balance that is given is not always easy.Therefore, in dealing with others, you try to keep his feelings under control and do not like to admit to themselves people too close.Strive to achieve a certain status and recognition.Your desire - the elegance, prestige and exclusivity.And because you need to choose flavors cypress, peach, almond, basil, tarragon, jasmine.