And oily skin can be soft and beautiful !

Surely you do not just have read recommendations for oily skin care products that promise to remove the greasy shine from the face, narrow enlarged pores and rid you of pimples and irritation.They are simple, quite affordable, but, nevertheless, we do not always have the desired result.What is the reason?

Often in the care system and the lack of correct understanding of what the procedure should be done every day, which - once a week, and that not more than two or three times a month, as well as their sequence.

In addition, many girls and women are somehow believe that the actual quality of care can provide, or in interior or expensive cosmetics.In fact, the correct and high-quality care for oily skin it is possible to carry out at home, and, in many improvised means.It is only necessary to know how and what to use for a particular procedure.About

skin hygiene person we have already told you in previous articles.But just one, even the most correct washing and cleaning of the skin quality will not so

lve the problem.For oily skin it is especially important to choose a suitable mask and regularly, without referring to the lack of time or too lazy to do them.

especially useful for oily skin mask of cosmetic clay.They are perfectly narrow pores, and is an excellent prevention of acne.Clay is inexpensive, available in pharmacies or in a store cosmetics, and how to apply this mask, you can read on the packaging.It should be added that make face masks out of clay you need no more than twice a week, but do not stop the course started.

The benefits of medicinal plants in the care of a person can not be overestimated.And for oily skin, you can pick up at the pharmacy or prepare their own plants, which will be used to her advantage, such as sage, rosemary, yarrow.With these herbs do well steam bath for the face, but not more often than once a week.

At home, you can find great products for oily skin care.For example, common salt - with it you can do soap-salt washing.To do this, you need to moisten a cotton cloth in warm water, a little soap and sprinkle a little salt on it.Then this cloth to gently, without a strong push to wipe the skin from the center to the temples.Then suds need to let it dry, and then rinse with warm water.After these procedures, you will see how your skin is fresher, and narrowed the pores.Use a washing should be no more than twice a week.

For every night rubbing skin can prepare their own medicinal lotion.We need to take the drug infusion of lemon balm and vodka mix in a ratio of 1: 5, to insist for five days, and then diluted by half with water.

And, of course, adjust the diet.For oily skin necessarily need to significantly reduce or even for some time completely excluded from the diet spices - mustard, vinegar, pepper and others, and also limit the intake of fatty foods.Eat more fruits, brown bread, milk and lactic acid products.

would get if you have patience to properly carry out all the necessary procedures, you will after some time, will understand that oily skin can be soft and beautiful!