A mature and fading skin

Typically, such skin common in women after forty.It is dry, wrinkles appear on it, folds, especially rapidly aging skin around the eyes, mouth and neck.To slow down the aging process, it requires particularly careful care.

Owners mature skin equally lacks moisture and fat, so when using cosmetics give up the tools that contribute to dehydration and defatting of the skin (soap, in particular).In the morning, rinse your face with cool water only in the evening only use cleansing milk.It contains fat and moisture, which are absorbed into the skin.Do not rinse the milk residues and remove them with a dry cosmetic tissue.After cleansing, gently pat the face tonic, but definitely alcohol-free, otherwise the skin becomes more dry.

fading skin like no other required nutrient replenishment, so care and nutrition, use of vitamin creams.They make the epidermis smooth and elastic, increases skin resistance to the negative influence of the environment.Fading skin is more sensitive to the remaining stress, insomnia

or problems.From them, it becomes dry, limp or lifeless.

"In adulthood, yet increasingly important factors such as nutrition, sleep and rest."

In such cases, use the special serum or ampoule care with highly concentrated active ingredients (10 days).They are able to support and nourish the skin, to make up the loss of moisture.

excellent means of care may be reducing creams that vitaminzirovany, there are day or night.Creams stimulate metabolism, cell renewal, makes the skin supple and fresh.After forty

every woman, especially if she wants to prolong their youth and charm, has to do facial massage.Preferably two or three times a week.Massage is done with the help of the cream.It is essential that it consists of vitamin E - a powerful anti-aging antioxidant.Massage perfectly stimulates blood circulation, nourishing the skin cells from the inside.Apply the massage cream is necessary after cleansing skin.Apply a thin layer of cream on all areas of your fingers slide easily over the skin and do not stretch it.

Self-massage always start from the center to the periphery from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the nose to the chin and cheeks, circular motion.The duration of the massage to 5 minutes, then the cream should be given time to absorb and remove the residue gently wipe.