When the mirror sad.The results of the summer season

Unfortunately, long since ended the summer and autumn velvet beach, and almost year-round holiday season.And we see that tan, swim and summer work dried skin and hair.Leather seats became peel off more sharply evident wrinkles, hair became brittle and intractable.

Do not wait until the skin condition is normalized by itself, take action.He washed the evenings, use only boiled water, which add salt (a teaspoon per cup).You can wipe the face lotion for dry skin, and to relieve irritation, good to add in the lotion a teaspoon of honey, Stir it.

After washing, apply on face cream for dry skin.You can enter into it some juice rowan or carrots.You can make a softening mask by mixing a tablespoon of margarine and a teaspoon of carrot juice or rowan.Holding the mask for 10-15 minutes, remove it with a paper towel and then rinse your face with warm water.

good effect on dry, peeling skin oil mask, but this procedure takes time and total relaxation.Unwind wool layer thickness of about 1 cm, cut out holes for t

he nose and mouth, put on cotton wool warmed in a water bath unrefined vegetable oil.It is possible to add finely pounded camomile (a teaspoon per 100 g of oil), honey (tablespoon) and the juice of mountain ash (a teaspoon) - per 1 tablespoon oil.Put oil on cotton face top cover with a towel.After twenty minutes, remove the mask, wash with warm, then cold water, or better yet, a weak infusion of lime blossom.The effect of the procedure is visible at once.Repeat it can be once or twice a week.

"Excessively, brittle hair should not be washed frequently, and if the wash-only boiled water."

Before washing hair is useful lubricate the scalp composition, consisting of equal parts of the plant, castor oil and shampoo.In addition, you can add an egg yolk, a few drops of oil solution of vitamin A. The composition is heated in a water bath and rub on hair partings from the neck, temples and forehead towards the crown.After that, head covered compress paper and tie a warm scarf, hold so for two hours, then wash your head.

rinse hair better decoction of herbs - nettle, birch leaves, horsetail.At half-liter of herbal infusion add a tablespoon of 6 percent vinegar.

well from time to time to rub into the scalp burdock oil, which you can cook and himself.In autumn dig up the roots of burdock, pour sunflower oil and leave for two weeks.It is only necessary to remember that even when very dry hair to rub the minimum amount of oil should be.

Dry hair should be neatly combed, comb rare, it is better to air.

Helps restore hair rubbing a mixture of equal amounts of oil solution of vitamin A and vegetable oil.

If your skin chapped and scaly body, add to the bath salt (kilograms per bath) and opolosnuvshis, apply directly on damp skin nourishing cream every half diluted refined vegetable oil.