Tips on caring for dry facial skin

Regular care facial skin - is one of the main means of preventing dry skin, wrinkle formation.It is known that dry skin is more prone to wrinkles than fat, and therefore it requires special regular care.

Dry skin is formed with impaired secretion of the sebaceous glands, which can be either congenital or acquired with age and can be caused by improper use of cosmetics.

Since the physiological functions of the skin are performed in different ways, depending on the age, the time of year, external factors, climate, working and living conditions, nutrition, and general condition of the body, then care should take into account all these details.

good effect on dry skin, especially the strengthening of the organism as a whole, since in some cases, dry skin, peeling it caused by a deficiency of vitamins A and C. There may be other reasons, such as the use of alcohol-based lotions.Sebum can be enhanced by eating foods that contain the necessary nutrients and vitamins: milk, butter, egg yolk, liver, carrots

, green onions, lettuce, tomatoes and other

"With the right care for dry skin may not only delay the aging process.but also bring skin back to normal. "

if dry skin is related to age, in addition to cosmetics, offsetting the lack of sebum, it should also use the funds generated through water shortages, not only in the skin, but also throughout the body.For this purpose it is necessary to establish a daily fluid intake rate of up to 2 liters.

very harmful effects on dry skin abrupt temperature changes.Therefore, before going out the skin must be protected with a cream and powder.

As already mentioned, with age, the skin of women, and so it becomes dry, so you can not even ahead of time by dehydrating it unsuitable procedures and drugs.Keep in mind that alcohol-based lotions and tonics cause skin dryness and irritation.If irritation, techniques and methods of skin care need to change.This skin is like protesting against improper care.

massage courses intensify the process of normalization of dry skin.Nutritious and fortified creams increase the skin's elasticity, balance the activity of sebaceous glands and protect the skin from the external environment.

recommended to periodically wash contrasting cold and warm water.This is a special gymnastics for the face, which ensures good skin nutrition.Washing with soap and water should be avoided.An excellent means of cleansing the skin is vegetable oil.In winter, it is better to warm up.

good idea to apply for washing infusion of herbs parsley, wild rose, yarrow, etc.

For dry skin, it is important to use oil, containing vitamins C and E. Vitamin E Moisturizing qualities are well known.A vitamin C enhances the action of vitamin E. Many dermatologists recommend to apply products containing oil to damp skin to oil rather absorbed.

Since secretion of the sebaceous glands is not sufficient to clean the skin can not use alcohol-based agents.It is best to use a soft jelly, which has a light oils and soothing agents such as panthenol, bisabolol and liquorice extract of chamomile, calendula oil.These funds are not only cleanse the skin but soften it, have a tonic and anti-inflammatory effect.

If your skin is dry and sensitive, follow the rule: the simpler, the better.This applies both to the formulation and use of drugs.The smaller the substances affects the skin, the less the risk of causing allergy.Do not apply two means one on top of another.For example, instead of a day cream and tone, use toning day.

Lines on for a young dry skin care creams usually contain nutrients for the morning and evening use.They contain natural oils for the skin lipids and moisturizing agents and be sure to vitamins A, E

With proper care for dry skin may not only delay the aging, but also bring skin back to normal.