Gentle care for dry skin

Before choosing the right techniques for skin care, we need to determine your skin type.This we can do, and the outer skin mind and your feelings.

Dry skin is especially common in fair-haired women.In his youth, dry skin is usually thin, different elasticity, then on it is almost not visible, it has a matte appearance and well stretched to the subcutaneous fat.Due to small porosity and thin epidermis dry skin looks pretty good, but is prone to premature aging: formation of wrinkles and folds.

Moreover, dry skin is sensitive to fluctuations in the weather: it often formed red spots, inflammation, cracked from time to time appear redness and peeling.After washing, there is a feeling that the skin is burning.Touching the skin, we feel some dryness, lack of moisture, especially on the cheeks and temples.With the increasing dryness of the skin it becomes more flabby and wrinkled.

"If the dry skin to begin a timely and proper care, actually keep for a long time its luxurious look."

first dry skin is not su

ch a problem, as the fat: it seldom acne and silhouetted small blood vessels.Dry skin at an early age stage differs only excessive sensitivity.

Insufficient productivity of the sebaceous glands of the skin few people care about, after all, in spite of this, dry skin for a long time looking great, and we treat it with the lack of attention.But dry skin flawless appearance is deceptive, it quickly loses its beauty, begins to peel and covered with small scales, like flour.

Numerous folds in the lips and "crow's feet" around the eyes, are increasingly sharper and more pronounced, convince us that dry skin can mercilessly avenge such a scornful attitude to it.We must not forget that the beautiful view of the dry skin is deceptive, wrinkles the outskirts quietly, and to deal with them, as we know, is very difficult, it is important to prevent their occurrence.Before cosmetic procedures, examine the causes of excessive dryness of the skin.

These include:

1) disturbance to the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;

2) malabsorption of food;

3) lack of vitamins in the body;

4), the voltage of the nervous system;

5) changes in the activity of the endocrine glands.

As we can see, for the care of dry skin, we need not only a daily beauty treatments, and in addition to this and recommended a special diet.

If we eat foods rich in vitamin "A" (cod liver oil, liver, egg yolk, carrots), dry skin will shine with gratitude and will bring us a lot less hassle.

Also, excessive nervousness is very bad for the skin, so you need to follow and for their psychological state.

Dry skin is aggravated by prolonged exposure to wind, sun, sea water, so it is not necessary to subject it to such tests.Very bad stay in rooms with high temperature, dry skin that can not stand.

If dry skin to begin a timely and proper care, actually keep for a long time its luxurious look.As the most delicate and sensitive of all types of skin, dry skin is most in need of moisturizing and nourishing masks.