oily skin problems .How to beat rosacea .

In adulthood, oily skin can be a result of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which is caused by improper metabolism.As a result of poor skin care dust, powder and cream clog the pores, which are inflamed, take the form of small red spots.In this case, it is first necessary to deal with the main evil - skin fat.To help in this case can only be a doctor, who, after a thorough examination will appoint the necessary course lecheniya.Nekotorye people constantly suffer from pimples and acne.This is usually a result of malnutrition and metabolic disorders.To help here is primarily a solid diet, bowel regulation.It is necessary to completely give up the fatty meat, corned beef, egg whites, cheese, sweet, salt, pepper, spirits and black coffee.The body needs food rich in vitamins, such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, vegetables, lemons, oranges, fish oil, beef and veal liver, kidneys, yeast.

Acne can also appear on the constant use of certain drugs - iodine, bromine, or sleeping pills, which

includes veronal.Healthy people do not need sleeping pills.But there are people who have made a habit of falling asleep only after medication.Poisoning your body gradually, they should not be surprised that bad look.

Superficial acne recover fairly quickly if they lubricate boric alcohol, then sprinkle streptotsidom.Also has a good effect penicillin powder.You can apply and yeast treatment.A decoction of chamomile - also known home remedy for acne.It should be an empty stomach to drink a large cup of hot freshly brewed chamomile.

Many cosmetic clinics use paraffin and oxygen masks.But they give good results when eliminated internal causes rashes.

should not give up the daily steam bath, unless, of course, it is recommended you to the doctor, as the bath is good for the entire body, enhances blood circulation and excretion of metabolic products.

light, air, water and the sun - it's all therapeutic and health-restoring agent.Those who most of his life spent in the room, often have very bad skin.So, not only an unhealthy diet and lack of movement, and lack of skin respiration are responsible for the development of acne and rashes.

If the rash does not disappear, but rather enhanced, it is necessary to turn to a specialist.

vasodilatation (rosacea).Some people on the cheeks and nose appear red veins or red mesh.The reasons for this can be many: for example, excessive consumption of coffee or wine, prolonged exposure to the sun or wind, ice, and various metabolic disorders or gastrointestinal tract.

dilation of blood vessels may be eliminated only by a doctor using a special treat.There are, however, the means by which it is possible to slow down the development of the phenomenon.

Those who suffer from this phenomenon, it is necessary to avoid cosmetic liquids, which include an alcohol, as in this case, it has a detrimental effect.It would be good to create the conditions in which blood is at least temporarily drained from his face.This can be achieved by using alternating hot and cold foot baths or watering hands and feet with cold water.Gymnastics face and self-massage the face with a light tapping may also contribute to the improvement.Cold bath for the whole body, steam room and alternately hot and cold compresses to the face completely contraindicated.Care should be taken to correct the metabolism, which is very conducive to the power at which excluded from the diet foods that cause blood vessels to dilate - alcohol, coffee, spices.

What warts?There is no woman who would not upset noticed one day at a wart on the skin.In addition, they appear most frequently on exposed parts of the body: the face, neck, upper back, arms and fingers.Very bad when the whole colony appears near the first wart.It is believed that certain warts are transmitted virus.But a huge role in the occurrence of warts plays the nervous system.If we start planting the liquid present in the warts, it is possible to cause the appearance of new, indicating their viral origin.But this interest is and the fact that sometimes you can get rid of warts with the help of hypnosis.As a result of the treatment means completely harmless, they sometimes reduced completely disappearing, while in other cases they are completely unresponsive to appropriate treatment.There are different types of warts.Youth warts often disappear when using certain herbal medicines and injections.Solid warts are more difficult to deduce what youth.This typically use electrocoagulation and moxibustion.Sebaceous warts often appear in old age at the neck, face, neck and on the fingers and palms.

For the treatment of warts the best are the following methods:

- tissue destruction warts using electrocoagulation

- freezing the wart with snow of carbonic acid, liquid nitrogen

- treatment of X-rays (used to treat warts on the soles).Such treatment may be carried out only by the doctor.

Warts some species have a tendency to degenerate, so you can not fight them with home remedies, should be referred to a specialist.