Professional care for the décolleté

care for your skin is not only the face but also the neck should be purposefully and patiently.There are not only rapid tests that give the effect is quite fast, but only for a few hours - there are long-term programs to help prevent premature skin aging, and simultaneously improve its current state.Many methods of rejuvenation that have a good effect on the skin, and help the skin of the neck and chest - but not all, because of the specific "indicators" of the zone.

If you intend to provide "first word" professionals and decided to visit the interior, the exemplary skin care program of the neck, décolleté and breasts to be staged in several stages.

first stage - cleansing.Professional cleansing cleavage, which are available in the cabin, starting with the use of lotions or special cleaning agents.You can occasionally do a soft peeling of the skin to remove dead cells of the stratum corneum.But only a certain type of peeling is designed for dry skin, which is made without the concentrated acids and

coarse exfoliants - substances that cause krupnocheshuychatoe exfoliation.

second stage - skin regeneration.To use this procedure well mask with active substances that enhance blood flow.the compositions are most often used to extract the leaves of the tree Ginkgo biloba, arnica, cola, chestnut - all these plants increase blood circulation, slow the aging process, the skin tone.Nutrient procedure is also very useful for thin skin, especially if the activity of the sebaceous glands is greatly reduced, thus, require fatty creams and masks.In contrast, those agents which are used for the face, these compositions may contain paraffin, ceresin, mineral oils, triglycerides - to be quite dense.In the face of such a mask could cause the appearance of acne and pimples, clogging the pores of the sebaceous glands located in the "T-zone".But in the neck that does not happen.Moreover, it can enhance the action of softening, smoothing, supplying drugs via vaporization.But do not be carried away by the influence of steam, remember the dangers of hyperthermia - it can be just as uncomfortable as the skin overheating terrible July heat, may even occur thermal shock.

third stage - special massage.It is better to carry out this procedure in the cabin to inadvertently not to overdo it and do not stretch the skin.For massage you can use any means of nourishing and massage, but it is for dry skin.Used mainly stroking movements aimed only upwards - from the collarbone to the chin.The remaining cream is not necessary to wipe the skin - it has to be absorbed.It is advisable to massage you did a highly professional masseur.

fourth stage - skin toning.There are particularly good packs.After the procedure the skin is necessary to reassure, to close its pores and prepare to leave the office beautician on the street with its wind, smog and dust.A cold compress not concentrated, and the low-alum, black tea, chamomile, amino, arnica and other beneficial ingredients to close the pores.Then applied to the skin nourishing base or moisturizer.If the skin is quite loose, with obvious signs of aging, you can use modeling or paraffin mask.But it is necessary to make sure that the mask does not create the effect of compression - so disturbed blood circulation and you feel dizzy.Especially carefully it is necessary to contact with the front surface of the neck: in fact here is our main "personal beautician" - the thyroid gland.

There is another way to tone up the skin - the contrast of temperatures: douches or compresses, alternating cold and heat.But before embarking on this method, first make sure that you have no problems with the thyroid gland, that you can easily carry such procedures.

good addition to professional care will be the attention that you pay your own "luxury neckline."Recipes masks, compresses and wraps the skin of the neck and chest set, but you still need to consult a beautician, to clarify - what type of masks will have on your skin the desired effect.