Moisturizers for your facial beauty

oil is applied to the surface of the skin, does not fulfill the protective functions that are inherent to secrete sebum, so do not buy moisturizers, soaps and creams, based only on the fact that they contain oil.What really effective?

Moisturizers funds based aqueous solutions have a quick moisturizing effect, although this effect is short-lived because the water does not stay long on the surface of the skin and evaporates.Thus, wetting solutions, which are most rapidly penetrate the skin, give only short-term effect.

Emulsions are a mixture of water and oil in different proportions.Those that contain less oil than the water absorbed into the skin more easily.They can be applied under makeup.

"It was water, not oil gives the skin smoothness and elasticity!"

Oil , however, helps to preserve moisture in the skin, so the emulsion with a high percentage of oil are effective for a longer period of time.But too thick emulsion, rich in oil, unpleasant to use, since they are poorly absorbed and leaves m

arks on clothes.

only the most thick creams and lotions are able to slow down the loss of moisture .The ideal moisturizer, therefore, is the one that has the consistency of a thick, easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave a feeling of dryness in a few hours.

most effective creams consisting of fatty acids and alcohols, which more accurately mimic the properties of moisture-sebum and not as sticky as oil emulsions.Thus, the make-up can be applied lightweight moisturizer, and at night or when there is no make-up on her face is better to use more fat.Oil-aqueous solutions can not moisturize the skin, and although the advertising or that cream, pay special attention to is contained in these oils, you should not give it much importance, when you decide for yourself what kind of moisturizer to purchase.

Although oil emulsions in moisturizers to help retain moisture in the skin, on their own, without the help of water, they are not in a position to keep the skin soft and supple.As can be seen from the following experiment, namely water, not oil gives the skin smooth and supple.two slices of dry dead skin were taken.One of them was immersed in water, the other - in oil.Then check they are in what condition.Leather out of water, was so elastic that when stretched hanging load of 10 grams, while the piece of skin lying in the oil was so tough that it is not stretched even by suspending 100 gram weights.