Face cream .Women's beauty secrets

Creams divided into night and day . means day care available in the form of a cream or moisturizing emulsion.Their main task - to enhance the natural hydro-lipid membrane of skin that provides elasticity and resistance of the stratum corneum.

Creams daycare different for every skin type.Means for normal, combination and oily skin contain relatively little fat and are mainly moisturizing effect.For oily skin, use a water-in-oil emulsion.Well composed of water-oil emulsion helps to regulate the hydro-lipid skin metabolism, that is, to create her prolonged use of appropriate creams and daily care of normal artificial environment.Creams for oily skin is used for protection from harmful substances to stabilize the "acid cloak" and stimulate healing.

The choice offered to care for dry skin creams is much wider than for fat.For dry and sensitive skin creams are recommended nutrient or enriched with a high content of fat and substances that retain moisture.

Many day care preparations contain vitamin E and

enzymes - substances that have the ability to bind and neutralize corrosive particles that enter the skin with exhausts of cars, factory chimneys smoke and contributing to the formation of free radicals in the skin.These contaminants interfere with cell renewal and thus contribute to the process of aging.

Night creams more fat than daily, and is recommended primarily for mature skin.Young girls and women for the night cream can be applied daily.

Nourishing Night Cream contains active ingredients that support the process of regeneration of the night.For the skin, which for much of the day is dried, it is very helpful to reinforcing food at night.The skin during sleep is updated through an event at this time of cell division.During the day, the process is slowed down.The peak of the skin regeneration process falls on the interval between 22 and 24 hours.Especially

night creams are recommended in the case when the skin is dry and the nature produces insufficient fat or if it has become drier than usual, for example, after an illness, in the cold season.

Applied night creams and when needed to soften the skin with a thick stratum corneum.

not recommended to use a night cream to owners of oily skin prone to acne.In this case reasonably easy to use moisturizing formulation which is commonly used in the daytime.

Any biocream (biotoniki, bioslivki) can be used only after 30-35 years, when the skin begins to gradually grow old: decreases sebum weakens the process of natural skin moisture, slowing metabolism.As a result, the skin becomes dry, thin, loses elasticity, her first wrinkles appear.