Dry facial skin - tips what to do

Dry skin in his youth - is an occasion for envy: cheeks, peach, adolescents do not have even a hint of pimples and blackheads.But in adulthood - it is a nasty problem or just a nuisance.But ... we should gratefully accept everything that nature gives us, including our skin.You just need to learn how to "make friends" with any of its type.

Dry skin can be explained not only by genetics.Sometimes dry skin (in medicine - xeroderma) caused by external factors:

  • summer you sit under the air conditioner;
  • bask in the winter heaters and moisturize the room;
  • spend in the wind or in the sun a long time, not to protect the skin;
  • using household chemicals for laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house;
  • wash the dishes, clean the house or wash in chlorinated water without gloves;
  • overly fond of decorative cosmetics are not the best quality;
  • abusing alcohol and nicotine.

Sometimes the skin becomes dry due to an illness: diabetes, dermatitis, allergies, skin and thyroid disease, diseases of the immune syst


How to recognize dry skin?

feeling of tightness after washing - a clear sign that your skin is dry.In addition, such skin peels off quickly become weather-beaten, her early wrinkles appear (in any case, they are more visible than normal or oily skin).The reason for this - the lack of moisture in the epidermis at a young age and poor performance of the sebaceous glands in the more mature.

epidermis - a thin upper leather ball with xeroderma it accumulates enough fluid (about 18-20% rate), this signal immediately respond to the living cells of the lower layers and start to quickly get rid of moisture.No means impossible to increase the production of fat by the sebaceous glands - are hormones and genetics.But if properly care for dry skin, it is possible to feed it from the outside and thus improve her condition.

Here are a few signs of dry skin.Note that dry skin may be not only in the face, but also on the body, arms, and legs.Therefore, you need to take care of skin complex:

  • scaly skin;
  • have a feeling of stiffness;
  • skin appearance and even the touch is not smooth and elastic;
  • skin is prone to irritation;
  • if the skin is strongly dried up, there may be cracks, itching.

Drinking enough fluid volume, vitamins, regular hydration and nutrition help to cope with the troubles caused by dry skin.

Treat dry skin is normal or symptoms of any hassles?Here are all individually.If a child or young skin was dry - most likely, this is the norm.If signs of dryness appeared suddenly, and before that it was all right - it is the symptoms that the organism occurs wrong or above bullied water, household chemicals, smoking, etc. In this case it is necessary to revise the line of conduct and to correct all that..possible: ventilate and humidify the room to eat, wear gloves when homework.

How to care for dry skin?

for dry skin care can be divided into several stages.

  1. To start the skin must be cleaned.Do not use tap water - it has a lot of chlorine and impurities.It is better to take a natural or cosmetic lotion, moisturizing oil or using the defrost water.
  2. dead skin cells removed scrub or a gentle peeling - the skin will begin to be updated.
  3. Now you can apply nourishing and moisturizing creams, masks.

summer wear in a bag with a bottle of thermal water and occasionally sprayed his face.What is it for?Water is extracted from the thermal springs, not only moisturizes your skin throughout the day, but also enriches it with minerals and trace elements, fights irritation and redness.Not to be confused with mineral water, second longer contains salts and metal oxides - not the fact that it is better.

Do not forget to sufficient quantities of clean water - about 2-2.5 liters per day.

Complex measures described above will help to cope with dry skin.You regularly combs, take a shower and brush your teeth.Then what prevents care and skin?In words, this is a long process, in fact, it takes 15-20 minutes per day.The result - radiant, soft skin.The efforts are worth it, is not it?