Wrinkles .Paraffin mask for the face

Paraffin mask used for skin laxity, wrinkles under, the double chin to soften tallow-horn corks with their subsequent removal.

Paraffin mask contraindicated in facial redness (rosacea), pink acne, pustular eruptions.They can not be used in hypertension, bronchial asthma, nasal bleeding.

for cosmetic purposes is used refined paraffin having a high elastic properties.Before applying the mask paraffin are melted in a water bath to completely dry the dishes.The presence of water in a pot when using the mask can cause skin burns.For this reason, the skin should be thoroughly dry before applying the wax masks.Then a flat brush or a cotton swab, apply 2 - 3 layers of paraffin mask leaving free the mouth, nose and eyes.

paraffin mask is applied from the bottom up by conventional massage lines, starting with the chin.After applying the wax to keep warm face cover with a towel or a special, with slits for the eyes and nose, cosmetic insulation.

Duration paraffin mask is 15 - 20 minutes.Apply it 1 - 2 times

a week course of 8 - 10 - 12 masks, depending on skin condition.After removing the mask (it is removed by peeling strips also on the massage lines from the bottom up), oily skin should be wiped with a refreshing lotion or a 20% solution of tincture of calendula (no alcohol), dry skin rub cosmetic milk with the addition of almond, olive or other vegetable oil.

paraffin mask to make better in the supine or semi-recumbent position, relax the muscles of the face and neck.Repeatedly shot paraffin mask is not used, the wax must be discarded.

Paraffin mask-dressing on the skin of the forehead and chin .

Paraffin mask seals longer retains heat and has a good plastic action (pressure).

To do this, you must take two layers of gauze bandage or a wide and put a thin layer of cotton wool between them.

forehead and chin lubricate fat cream of wrinkles, then melted paraffin to soak the middle of gauze with cotton wool, gently squeeze and apply a bandage with melted paraffin on the skin of the forehead or chin, covering it from top to compress paper and a towel.After 20 minutes, remove the bandage and do self-massage plucked across wrinkles.On the skin of the face can be applied to great effect with the addition of fatty creams placenta, oil vitamins A, E and C, which contribute to a positive result, wrinkles, prevent their occurrence.