How to care for dry skin at home : the rules

you a lifetime struggle with varying degrees of success with dry skin.And sometimes it seems that it is losing the battle - the skin is still flaky, red, it pulls together, does not leave a feeling of discomfort.Do not give up.Our tips will help make the facial skin healthy and radiant.

Of course, the type of skin does not change and it becomes normal, oily or even combined.But she smoothed, sated with oxygen and moisture and will be grateful to you.Of course, provided that you regularly take care of your face and body.

How to care for dry skin

care for any skin type can be divided into 4 stages:

  • cleansing
  • deep cleansing
  • toning
  • basic care

cleanses the skin is not soap and cream or cosmetic milk.So the effect of tightness of the skin will be less noticeable.And clean the skin can be only in the evenings.During the night the skin a little fat stores and protects the skin during the day from drying.Wash your face morning

dairy cubes.Homemade milk pour into bags for ice and freeze.Ice tone

s the skin and the milk nourishes its fatty acids.

Even dry skin need from time to time deep cleaned with scrubs or peels.However, scrubs based on apricot or grape seed can damage delicate skin.Use the following recipes.

  • 1 ripe banana pound with 3 ch. L.sugar and a pinch of vanilla sugar.Add a teaspoon of honey.Mix everything.Apply.Leave on for 30 minutes.Then rinse it melt or mineral water.
  • Make a scrub based on oat and almond flakes taken in equal proportions.Add to them a little bit of sour cream.Duration 10-15 minutes.
  • Only 5 minutes you need to keep on his face a mixture of 4 tablespoons of honey, olive oil and salt spoon spoon (better to take the sea).But what effect!

tonic for dry skin should not contain alcohol.But algae extracts, wheat germ oil, marine collagen, vitamin E and silk proteins are welcome.

Taking a bath, add the melted in a water bath honey mixed with milk (200 g of honey and a liter of milk).You can add almond or lavender oil to aromaeffekta.

If the crane to hang a bag of oatmeal, and so fill the bath (the bag must be under water), the skin after such a procedure would be softer.

also a good remedy for dry skin becomes a decoction of chamomile and flaxseed added to the bath.

cream for dry skin of the face and body

If you use store bought creams, note that they must include elastin, collagen and lecithin.To help assimilate these substances help piktogenol contained in grape seeds, seaweed, brown algae.

As the night you can take a fat nourishing cream for dry skin.If you have the feeling of tightness, add to it a few drops of castor oil.The contents in the cream aloe extract, wheat germ oil, algae, lactic essences, oils, vitamins A and E are also beneficial effect on the dry skin condition.Apply the cream for half an hour, an hour before bedtime, so you can remove excess fat from the skin.Do not forget about your neck and chest area.

Day cream should nourish the skin, but at the same time be light and delicate.It usually consists of vitamins, proteins, cereals (wheat, oats), honey.The task day cream - moisturize dry skin.

There are no universal recipes for skin care.If you do not become easier after using the mask or cream facial skin - perhaps a recipe is not suitable.Try again selected option.If no improvement is there - and change the recipe or add other ingredients.