Dry facial skin .Features care of dry skin of the face

Dry skin does not tolerate water and soap.It has a pale pink color, thin, rarely shines.Dry skin must necessarily be protected at all times, and especially in the rainy and in windy conditions.

long stay of the person with dry skin of the face in a hostile environment of the environment necessarily lead to premature aging of the skin, big problems with it, to the appearance of wrinkles, which are difficult to flatten.Dry skin looks less affected, if a person has excess weight, because it is in this case seems to be stretched, has fewer wrinkles.However, this weight is harmful in itself and does not possess any useful properties, in addition to training the bones and bone apparatus (increased load on it).

Dry skin is normal to oily, can be congenital or acquired.Much depends on the care of dry skin, and this care must be careful, because this skin is much more responsive to all the negative factors than the skin oily.For dry skin are bad improper washing, incorrectly selected creams and cosmetics, exce

ssive use of scrub (peeling agents).The basic rules of skin care in this case are as follows.

evening before wash, be sure to wipe the skin with a cream, and if you use cosmetics, make sure you remove it as a special jelly or a special cream.Before washing, the skin should be greatly alleviated.

can make for washing cream alone.To do this, you need to take a great fresh unsalted pork fat about 200 g, place it in a clean enamel or stainless pan, finely chopped beforehand.Casserole with chopped bacon put on water bath - put in another large pot filled with water.Now, both the pan and set on fire as soon as the water boils, diminish it, but the water in this case must constantly boiling.Fat, clean and transparent, without formation of drips of burned residues.It should be convenient to merge in a glass container with a wide mouth.

Giroux need to cool down to a state of incomplete curing, add a 10-15 drops of salicylic alcohol, and aromatic oils 5 drops of aromatic oils of sweet orange, 3 - essential oils of tea tree, 15-20 - rose aroma oils, sandalwood essential 20oil, 5 - lavender, jojoba aromamasla 20, 20 - almond flavor.

can do without elements of aromatherapy, but they significantly improve the composition of the cream that beneficially affect the skin: smooth wrinkles, soften, bleach, disinfect.The mixture should be mixed thoroughly.

This composition can be used not only as a means before washing, but also as a night cream, not forgetting to apply it on the neck and décolleté.You need to wash after the cream to affected skin at least 5-10 minutes.

pretreated face cream should be cleaned with water before and after contact with the external environment in the institution, on the street and at home, even if you were not at work and did not leave the apartment.

Now on sale there is a huge amount of expensive formulations for washing, as well as special soap provided with fatty ingredients to the skin does not dry.However, not everyone can afford to use this soap - and not just because it is cheap.The reasons can be many.

necessary itself to make washing benefited.There are a few tricks.The toughest - wash your face with soap and any cosmetic without wiping it, to impose immediately the usual cream.It is possible to make a light facial massage movements like when washing.I can stop there.Or you can continue.

"For dry skin, it is best not to use a compact powder, not even loose and cream powder"

Now thoroughly rinse the face with boiled water, wet and apply again the cream very lightly.You can go to sleep no earlier than an hour.On the morning after such a washing makeup may be applied as an hour.

wash the face can also broths that are prepared at home.

1. Broth series: 1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water.Dilute to the desired quantity for washing with boiled water.

2. A decoction of lime color (preparing the same way).

3. Broth lavender 1.5 tablespoon dried herbs 500 ml of water, bring to a boil over low heat, cool, wash.You can take 3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

4. Pink petals.They are collected only from pink roses and rose hips.Dried petals 4 tablespoons per 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 40 minutes.Infusion can not percolate, for the petals - very soft and perfectly stimulate the skin, especially if they are specially grind on the palms and this gruel is easy to massage the face.

5. A mixture of rose petals and flowers of thyme in equal proportions.2 tablespoons of petals and thyme 2 tablespoons sugar and 1 liter of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes.Cool, filter, wash.

6. The broth chamomile (prepared similarly to lime color).

Here's another problem: powder and dry skin .For dry skin, it is best not to use a compact powder, not loose and cream powder.If you're using the dry powder, then under it necessarily need to apply a thin layer of moisturizer or nourishing cream, and very dry skin - oily.At the same time it is necessary to absorb the cream well, otherwise the powder will form a rough layer, application of blush will also be rough, and the appearance is not aesthetically pleasing, and cosmetics very noticeable.

summer and in windy cream must be more than a calm, reasonable.Especially required under the cream icing in winter.Cream powder also has a good soak before you can perform further actions.If you have dry skin can not use rough sponges and feather.Now you can purchase these accessories from a natural sponge.Even better, if you learn how to use a brush - for dry powder and dry blush.