Dry skin : lucky or not ?

How do you know you have dry skin or not?It is very simple: if after washing you start to feel the tension and discomfort, then almost certainly you have dry skin.But on the occasion of dry skin - a gift of fate or bad luck can not unequivocally say anything.Dry skin, as, for example, and fat has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of dry skin

most important advantage of dry skin, it is her beauty in her youth.This skin looks soft, velvety, it is as if lit from within.Compared with oily or combination, dry skin rarely arise inflammation, it is not subject to blackheads and acne.

The disadvantages of dry skin is the fact that it is too early aging, and therefore requires special and careful care.The fact that dry skin produces an insufficient amount of lipids, which are a protective barrier against moisture loss.And, if time does not begin to deal with dry skin condition, it will be thinner, covered with wrinkles and early stimulation.

types of dry skin

There are two types of dry skin - it is congenital and acquired.In congenital type of skin lipid production is below normal by nature.

Regarding the acquired type, the cause of this skin condition may appear improper care or adverse environmental conditions, or severe stress.In the case of all types of skin cancer acquired normal, but it lacks substance, retaining moisture.

But keep in mind that the temperature changes or when using unsuitable cosmetic skin types are mixed.

from the definition of types of dry skin can be seen that in any case, it lacks the epidermal lipids, ceramides, ie, substances that can retain moisture.

Nutrition for dry skin

skin condition is largely determined by supply.If you constantly to include in your diet milk and dairy products - butter, cream, sour cream, etc., fruits and vegetables, liver, eggs, then very soon will notice the first changes in the condition of your skin.It is necessary to conduct regular courses vitamin therapy.Always remember that dry skin is aging rapidly, and its definitely need to start as early as possible to maintain.

Eliminate from your diet salty and spicy food, diuretics and alcohol - all of this contributes to the removal of moisture from the body and, therefore, bad for the skin.

But we should not delude ourselves that the only change in diet can solve all the problems with dry skin.The fact that the necessary nutrients from food consumed enters the body only 10%.The rest should ensure the correct and regular maintenance.

Dry Skin Care for dry facial skin care

multistage not as simple as it may seem.But, if you are able to organize their lives, that will take into consideration all the recommendations of your skin permanently retain their charm and youthful appearance.

start a skin care treatments needed to cleanse.It should be washing with special emollient foam or gentle cleansing using milk for dry skin.

In no case do not use lotions that contain alcohol, and do not wash with soap and chlorinated water.

next stage - a moisturizing and nourishing dry skin.It is recommended to use a special nourishing cream for dry skin with moisturizing ingredients.Apply it must be morning and evening, and, if necessary, and in the afternoon.

Next you will need during the day is also thermal water spray, And the night will still need to put on clean skin restoring cream.

But you should know that any one of the above means the problem of dry skin you do not choose - they will help only in case of complex use.

As for deep cleansing - peeling the dry skin shows its most gentle option - soft.It is recommended once a week use a scrub containing polymer beads.

Scrubs, sodarzhaschie bones and other hard particles can not be used for dry skin - they injure delicate skin.

As for moisturizing and nourishing masks for the face, they should be done 2-3 times a week - they are perfectly nourish and renew the skin.Do not assume that the daily mask will improve the condition of your skin faster - on the other hand, do not overload it with cosmetics.