Women's beauty secrets : summer natural facial lotions

most famous cosmetic companies use in the world for making cosmetics natural raw materials, are proud of it and loudly talk about the plants used in the brochures.Of course, you can buy these cosmetics, and can do yourself.Summer - the perfect time to stock up on herbal cosmetics for the year ahead.It is important that you collected flowers and herbs were environmentally friendly.You can never collect medicinal herbs in the city, in roads and railways.

easiest and most delicious - skin lotion from strawberries.Having done it, you'll get a cosmetic "with natural fruit acids", which, as a real achievement vying say foreign firms perfume industry.So, take a bottle of dark glass and fill it with ripe berries.It does not matter if the "worm his way" through the neck, they pomnutsya.We need mainly berry juice.To berries rammed a bottle occasionally shaken.

Once the vessel is filled to the neck, add 3 tablespoons of vodka.Tightly close again shaken and put on 2 weeks in the refrigerator.The fermentation pr

ocess is slow but sure.Through this period of berry blackness, and a bottle filled with scented lotion.In order to filter it, shake the berries in a bowl and squeeze through several layers of cheesecloth.Make the final filtration through the funnel, which is a piece of cotton wool.If the skin is very sensitive you, the lotion can be slightly diluted with boiled water.Rub their skin in the morning and evening for cleaning, disinfecting the skin of the face and neck.The lotion has a light refreshing effect, tightens pores.

By the same recipe made lotion cucumbers."Raw" cucumber lotion to rub on a grater.If the skin is very oily and acne prone, then for her lotion make for yet another prescription.Grated cucumber poured vodka, put the mixture in the sun for 12 days.

Toning Lotion for all skin types can be made from a mixture of medicinal herbs.For the preparation of lotions often take longer dried herbs.It is easier to measure the proportions.Chamomile, St. John's wort, linden blossom, mint take one teaspoon.Pour two cups of boiling water.When the infusion has cooled, add five tablespoons of vodka.

If your skin is dry and prone to fading, the lotion should not contain a lot of alcohol.Try to prepare a cosmetic product for themselves.

Two teaspoons of herb St. John's wort, and one teaspoon of peppermint pour a glass of (any) dry white wine.For infusion jar is closed and placed in a cool place for 10 days.Periodically, the mixture is shaken.After carefully filtered process liquid.This cosmetic product reduces sagging skin, reduces puffiness.Lotion are mostly in the evening, after the cream is applied.

summer, you can make and milky lotion .

Take 100 grams of whole cow's milk (preferably rustic, but not out of the package, in the summer it is especially rich in vitamins) and pour it in a glass of boiling water.Cool.Separate the precipitate.The clear part again Strain and wipe your face.The lotion contains salts and minerals, lactic acid, for which, say, the French medical cosmetics, take a lot of the Franks.Your Milk Lotion not only cleans but also protects the skin from external influences, making it velvety.

summer you can also make cream parsley.

10 grams of young leaves of parsley triturated with 20 grams of butter or margarine.The cream is applied to damp skin after washing.Surplus get wet cloth.The cream reduces swelling, refreshes the skin.