Creams and lotions for dry skin of the face

Dry facial skin is characterized by high sensitivity and strongly reacts to different external stimuli and factors.Therefore, dry skin requires particularly careful care and special equipment.

Before applying the cream, you should spend cleaning facial tonic, and then make a hot compress infusion of flowers and herbs .After this procedure, the pores open, and the cream will be absorbed well.

Infusion prepared in enamelware follows:

2 tablespoons of mixture of chamomile, peppermint, sage or limes Pour boiling water (0.5 L).After 15 minutes, the resulting infusion of strain into a glass or porcelain dishes.Then take two pieces of gauze folded into several layers - one for the neck, the other for the face, make a cutout for the nose.Moisten a piece of gauze in the prepared warm infusion and apply on face and neck.After cooling, remove the wrap and repeat 2-3 times to warm the skin of the face.

compress can be done without the infusion of herbs or with infusion of a single herb.

After cleansing the s

kin and warming it applied nutrient rich cream.It may contain a variety of vitamins (A, E, the F), biologically active substances and stimulants (hormones, lecithin, cholesterol, royal jelly, chlorophyll, enzymes), extracts from plants (aloe, rose, lemon, ginseng root, the root of the devil) andet al.

Some creams can irritate dry skin.Therefore it carried out prior to use so-called skin test:

a small amount of cream smeared the skin behind the ear or on the neck.If after 1-2 hours on the skin does not appear redness, itching or a burning sensation, the cream can be safely used.

Cream decided to leave on his face a maximum of two hours.Before going to sleep removed the excess cream with a soft cloth.

Sometimes dry skin should apply the cream for a longer time (at night).In this case, we recommend the wet method of applying a cream to the skin.To this end, soaked in water and squeezed swab gently put a small amount of fatty cream.Then swab light oppressive and clapping movements is applied to the skin.When applying this method the cream into the skin simultaneously penetrate moisture and fat.

offer you some recipes of creams and tonics for cleaning and softening dry skin.

yolk, butter cream for dry skin

yolk 1 egg mixed with 100 grams of 30 per cent cream, add a tablespoon of vodka, brandy or balm and juice of half a lemon.

yolk, sour cream

100 g of fresh cream mix thoroughly with the egg yolk 1 egg, pour 1/4 cup of vodka, mix again, add the juice of half a lemon and mix.

"Please note that pets creams perishable, so they should be stored in the refrigerator for 5-7 days."

If your skin does not tolerate liquid creams, lotions, soft drink homemade - from strawberries or elderberries.

Strawberry lotion for dry skin

1 tablespoon grated strawberries stir in 1 cup of cold water and a soft, strain through several layers of cheesecloth.Lotion not only cleans but also nourishes the skin.Lotion from elderberry.

handful of elderberry flowers pour 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes, cool and strain.

Instead elderberry can be used as chamomile, lime color, or sage.These extracts soften and cleanse the skin, removing irritation.