What you need to know about cosmetic masks of clay

Face masks out of clay is widely used in salons and at home.But often mask selected based on their some of their ideas about their effectiveness or use.

To mask out of clay have the desired effect and do not hurt, you need to know the basic properties of various clays and rules for their application.

Useful properties of cosmetic clay

main property of clay - is the ability to absorb excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt from the skin.Therefore, use of clay often as peeling to cleanse your face.

In addition, a mask made of clay have a slight lifting effect and improves complexion.Regarding

colored clays, in many blue clay minerals, so it can be used as a nutrient mask.Zielona clay fine pores and dries the rash and inflammation, so it is often recommended as a treatment mask.

pink and red clay - a great moisturizer, so these kinds of clay is particularly recommended for those who have dry facial skin.

But the white clay - is universal - it can be used for any skin type.

Terms of Use cosmetic clay
masks for face

There are certain rules applying masks from clay.We must remember that for oily skin mask duration is 20 minutes and dry - about 5-7 minutes.If you have a mixed type of skin, the mask duration - no more than 10 minutes.

There are secrets and applying masks out of clay.So clay mask applied a thick layer on the face except the eyes and lips.After applying the mask can not talk - it is best to lie down on a flat pillow to dry out the clay is not cracked.

When elapsed time allotted for the procedure, the mask must be carefully without stretching the skin, rinse with cool water, while massaging the face in circular motions fingertips.

After removing the mask be sure to put on the face moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Compliance with all the rules and choosing the right mask will make it more effective and useful for your skin.