What you do not know about dry skin

Dry skin is especially common in people with blond or red hair.Due to small porosity and thin epidermis dry skin in young people it looks very attractive in appearance, but is prone to premature formation of wrinkles and folds.

addition, dry skin reacts adversely to temperature fluctuations, changes in the weather: the deposition of the stains, cracks, inflammation, redness and peeling appear.

on dry skin rarely clearly silhouetted small blood vessels and rare acne.Moreover, dry skin is very sensitive.

To dry skin often unknowingly refer disparagingly.Indeed, how many people pay attention to the lack of productivity of the sebaceous glands?Only in the mirror suddenly find numerous "crow's feet" around the eyes, we can see that look older than their years and that punishment for his carelessness.

The internal causes of dry skin include:

• dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract

• deterioration absorbability food

• insufficient intake or lack of certain vitamins in the body

• Voltage nervous system

•changes in the activity of the endocrine glands.

Dry skin is aggravated by some external factors: sun, wind, sea water, in certain types of employment, such as in areas with high temperature, so moisturizing dry skin becomes a priority.

"Experts believe that more than half of all women have dry skin."

In young women, dry skin does not immediately manifest itself.Dry skin has a matte appearance, different elasticity, well-stretched in the subcutaneous adipose tissue.It does little or no wrinkles.The pores on dry skin are closed and quite striking.

However, when touching the skin feels dry and some dryness, lack of moisture.Especially dry skin is the cheeks and temples.At the same time the skin of the forehead, nose, chin, nasolabial folds and often even shiny and shiny.

Dry skin is considered beautiful, but its appeal is temporary.Dry skin quickly begins to lose its wonderful properties, it is covered with small scales.And then there is the impression that the skin is as if sprinkled with flour.

Over time, as dehydration dry skin barely tolerate even a simple washing with water, covered with red spots and burning.Then it becomes flabby, increasingly covered with wrinkles that appear, especially around the eyes.

If dry skin to begin a timely and thorough care, actually keep for a long time its luxurious look, protect from fading.

Beauty Secrets dry skin - constant care for her.Begin to care for dry skin as soon as possible, and you will enjoy many years of her youth and beauty.