Care for dry and sensitive skin of the face

Many owners of dry skin sometimes try to improve her view of frequent washing.Indeed, while dry skin is freed from scales, cleaned, it becomes attractive.Soon, however, there comes disappointment: wash becomes impossible, because dry skin is already not tolerate water.

In such cases it is advisable to seek advice from professionals - cosmetologists.However, in the home, you can treat dry skin, carefully observing the relevant rules of maintenance.

When the cosmetic care of dry skin should be the main procedures to prevent its further drying.It may sound paradoxical, but when washing the face, use as little water as possible, as it removes from the skin meager but much-needed fat film.

When washing dry skin soap should be used only when it is extremely necessary.

should take care that the water for washing was soft.

Recommended cleansing facial cosmetic milk or cream.To care for dry skin are good nutritional vitamin creams and creams with hormones (after 30 years).

necessary to avoid the impact of

bad weather, at least, reduce it by applying to the dry skin protective cream.

In addition to all the above, in the care of dry skin is necessary to carry out the following recommendations:

- Dry skin, with a few exceptions, needs fat and tolerates it.

- Never used to care for dry skin products containing glycerin.It does not apply to grease, as some believe.In contrast, after the application of glycerine skin becomes drier.

- Being in the sun (dry skin carries it with difficulty), to use only greasy protective cream.Otherwise, for a few weeks you will suffer from the harmful effects of sunlight, especially from thin cracks and wrinkles on the skin.

- Do not forget about the peculiarities of dry skin and if you dry the hair dryer.In these cases, the use of protective fat cream recommended to the same extent as when in an overly high temperature environments.

- To cleanse dry skin should use a thick emulsion cream, applying, and then taking off his pad.It is important to pay special attention to cracks in the skin.It is desirable to avoid the use of liquids containing alcohol because it dries the skin active.

- Do not use any cosmetic products containing substances with astringent properties.Give preference to oil facial mask.

- Before the general washing (bath, river, swimming pool, in the shower, in the bath) it is desirable to apply on face cream for dry skin, vegetable oil, or any available handy fat: sour cream, inner lard, unsalted butter.

Some cosmetologists say that dry skin should be divided into two types: a dry, dry and sensitive.In this method of purification will be different.

When just dry skin face is rinsed with water at room temperature and gently blotted with a soft towel.Instead of rinsing can wipe the face with liquid emulsion cream containing vitamins A and D, so necessary dry skin.Cream is quickly absorbed and makes the skin supple and pleasant to look at.

Dry sensitive skin is different from simply dry that shelled, irritated and did not tolerate water.warmed vegetable oil is used for cleansing dry, sensitive skin (corn, olive, peach, refined sunflower).Excess oil is removed with a soft paper towel.

There are also other methods of purification:

- Face wash milk with water (one part milk and one part water).Water should be soft, at room temperature.

- On the face is applied to the fresh cream, which softens the skin and increases its resistance, because it has an acid reaction.Remains soft cream is removed with water at room temperature.

- The skin is rubbed with a mixture of specially prepared: yolk was ground with 100 grams of 30 per cent cream, add a teaspoon of vodka and 8-15 drops of lemon juice.Before use, the mixture is shaken.Apply on the face pad several times.This mixture is perfectly cleanses, softens and whitens the skin.

- Face wiped with a decoction of oatmeal (almond, rye), which is prepared as follows: 1 liter of boiling water two tablespoons of cereal.After cooling, the broth is filtered through cheesecloth.

- wash the starch solution (1 teaspoon of brewed starch to 1 liter of water).

- Once a week, wash with soft water, preliminary having put on the face of mayonnaise, which is prepared as follows: 1 egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, corn, peach, refined sunflower).Mayonnaise is applied to damp skin swab in a circular motion along the massage lines.Introduced at the same time the foam is washed off with a soft water at room temperature.

- well cleaned face of gruel from the crumb of rye bread on the water (bread contains a lot of bran).Bran well clean the skin, soften and whiten it.In addition to oat, wheat is used, rice and almond bran.Before use, all of these bran face is rinsed with a soft water.Next 1-2 tablespoons of bran poured warm water.The resulting slurry is applied to the face of a circular motion in the direction of massage lines 5-10 minutes, and then washed with soft water at room temperature.

- skin is cleansed and warmed vegetable oils (corn, olive, peach, refined sunflower).Swab soaked with oil, face rubbed on the massage lines.

Good refreshing dry flabby skin rubbing a piece of "cosmetic" ice made from the infusion of herbs -. St. John's wort, chamomile, sage and fruit mountain ash, dandelion root, plantain leaves and other

for dry aging skin beneficial moisturizing compresses infusion of dried chamomileor lime blossom (1 tablespoon to 1 cup water).Wash your face, lightly oil cream and put on a little 2-3 minute warm compress.This procedure is contraindicated in those with dilated blood vessels of the face.

dry skin is very refreshing broth from elder flowers.To do this, a handful of colors need to pour boiling water and let stand for 10 minutes, then cool and strain.

evening person you can moisten with broth of oatmeal.To 1 liter of boiling water put 2 tablespoons of cereal to boil, then cool.Broth is especially good for sensitive skin:

In addition to daily morning and evening care for dry skin needs extra care, in which the skin gets extra varied food, supplied with vitamins, moisture and fat.

additional care for dry skin consists of cleaning the face, applying and washing off the mask, and the procedures in the beauty parlor.