Skin Food: face creams

Skin Nutrition - an important step for face.Nutrient cosmetics - creams, lotions, natural oils - penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, promote cell regeneration, improves skin texture, to compensate the loss of fat in cleansing, prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

nourishing cream can be conventional in composition, with anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, with the regenerating (anti-aging) effect (lifting creams, masks, biocream).

consist of creams and foundations active additives.The base helps to soak additives, gives the cream light and delicate texture.For example, cosmetics for oily skin has a gel base, for dry - oil.Regarding

additives, the composition formulations for oily skin include substances such as fruit acids, aloe, chamomile, marigold, sage, hamamelis, as well as essential oils of lemon, tea tree, mint, grapefruit. creams for dry skin usually contain chitosan, yeast and algae extracts, vitamins and herbal extracts.

Apply nourishing funds mainly at night: one hour a

nd a half, or at least 30 minutes before bedtime.During sleep, when skin is most relaxed, they are absorbed best.

day cream is applied in the morning - for 30-40 minutes before going outside.

"Women who on the upper lip or chin grow stiff hairs, these areas of the skin nourishing cream should not be lubricated"

When using creams need following rules :

- nutrient agent is applied to cleansed and moisturized your face, neck,and décolleté immediately after washing and rubbing them with light circular movements the massage lines

- for oily skin cream is distributed simultaneously massaging the face with a dry - gently and without pressure smear.Particular attention should be paid to the outer corners of the eyes, lips and the corners of the forehead - this areas most prone to early wilting.Here there are the first folds and wrinkles ( "crow's feet»)

- the most sensitive skin around the eyes is, it first shows signs of aging.Therefore it is necessary to lubricate the skin cream and age, because it is almost completely devoid of sebaceous glands.To care for the skin around the eyes, use creams that are designed specifically for this zone

- it is not recommended to apply the cream from a tube or jar on the skin immediately - before the application need to rub it between the fingers of both hands.From the human body temperature quickly softened cream that helps to put it is this amount of drug is needed, without excess.Contact with the skin of thick cream or chilled causes involuntary contraction of blood vessels, which reduces its effect and even distribution of

- in the end of the procedure after 10-15 minutes it is necessary to remove excess cream cloth soaked face cosmetic

- should never apply a thick layer of cream,especially at night.Acting on the principle of a hot compress, it hinders breathing and excretory function of the skin.This can cause swelling, vasodilation, redness, increased skin capillaries.In addition, all active ingredients any cream absorbed into the skin for 1 hour, and keep it longer simply makes no sense.If you think that after the application of a thin layer of cream leather still insufficiently lubricated (for example, dry skin), treatment may be repeated

- via the cream for 1-2 months should be changed to another, as the skin quickly becomes accustomed to its composition andthe drug loses its effectiveness.Change the cosmetics are also recommended, depending on the time of year

- women with hard hairs grow on the upper lip or on the chin, the skin with a nourishing cream should not be lubricated.The use of hormonal creams and products containing honey, in this case, generally contraindicated - they can increase hair growth.

- for young skin, use protective creams emollients that do not contain dietary supplements.