Alginate Facial Mask

Alginate mask appeared thanks to the study of the action of red and brown algae.Extracting them from iodine and other useful items, the researchers found the formation of by-product - alginate, which, as it turns out, has properties much more valuable than iodine.

"Alginate mask for the face -. Relatively new tool to combat the first signs of skin aging and its power is based on simple basic components"

salt of alginic acid now used in many cosmetic products, along with other useful substances extracted fromDead sea algae.

sodium alginate has a powerful anti-aging effect, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin with mineral compounds.If it is added to water to form a kind of gel.Congealing on his face, he was a little tightens the skin, gives it elasticity.

extracted from mineral rocks diatomite , which is included in all industries create masks, neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals and prevents the formation of acidic compounds, absorbs harmful substances.

Effect of alginate mask

unique properties of alginate mask lies in its composition, rich in active ingredients.They produce the following effect:

  • deep skin nutrition at the cellular level, restoring the mineral balance of the cells;
  • toxins from the pores;
  • fight inflammation and increase immunity;
  • vasoconstrictor effect, allows to remove red spots on the skin;
  • splitting excess fats, stabilization of metabolic processes;
  • restore protective functions of the skin in case of its lethargy and hypersensitivity.

What is the use of alginate mask? processes described above leads to the following transformations:

  • skin becomes younger, the elasticity appears, no languid sites;aligned complexion, redness and blemishes disappear;
  • reduces puffiness, face seemed slightly tightened, it becomes thinner in appearance;
  • with prolonged use, and pulled out a double chin, fat deposits are removed;
  • smooths shallow wrinkles, especially facial wrinkles;
  • quickly narrow pores and skin sensitivity decreases.

How do alginate mask?

Of course, the easiest way to buy ready-made mask: it is sold in pharmacies and stores in the form of a gel.But, despite the complexity, prepare alginate masks at home as possible.

It is worth to remember a few rules applying alginate mask at home:

1. Apply only on clean, dry skin, it is best to pre-cleaned scrub.

2. therapeutic rejuvenating serum or other similar means may be applied Before applying the mask to the skin.The mask will strengthen its action at times.If the face has acne, rashes, problem areas - application of the protective serum is no longer optional, but mandatory, otherwise there is a risk of harm to the skin.

3. The area around the eyes leave without a mask, eyebrows and eyelashes pre-greased fat cream.

4. Apply the mask is required lying, as in consistency after mixing it resembles a liquid sour cream, so it is best to take a mate.

5. Apply the mask is a soft brush hair when it is better to cover a special cap, and under his head lay film.Keep the mask should be no more than half an hour.

6. The mask hardens, forming a film on the face.Be particularly careful removing it Take for the film edge in the chin, and gently lift up towards forehead.

The tightening effect is visible within 15 minutes after application, and the effect of tightened, rejuvenated skin appears after the first use of a mask.However, the need to secure the effect of 5 to 15 sessions.

Recipes alginate mask

Option 1. Two tablespoons of pharmaceutical powder of sodium alginate to dissolve with water, stirring vigorously.When the mixture become a thick mass, similar to low-fat sour cream, it can be applied to the face.

Option 2. Sodium Alginate and diatomite mixed in proportions of 1 to 3, stir with mineral water until mushy state.Rub, stir again.The mask is applied to the face, from the chin.

Option 3. a mixture of sodium alginate and diatomite add a few drops of calcium chloride solution, refill mineral water.Stir for at least 7 minutes, then applied to the face.

Option 4. liquid collagen or any means to its high content (over 70%) add to diatomite and sodium alginate in a ratio of 2: 2: 5.Mix well, add water until a creamy mass.

Apply the mask should be careful not to touch the delicate skin on the areas near the eyebrows and eyes.These masks can be done not only for the face but for the entire body.