Skin Care in summer days

sun and has the most useful and most harmful effects on the skin.Its rays contribute to the accumulation of vitamins in the skin, we feel comfortable on their heat, but prolonged exposure to the sun can cause considerable harm to the skin.Especially dangerous UV rays.Penetrating into the skin, they disrupt its biochemical structure, as a result we get a sunburn.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight occurs drying and hardening of tissues, premature wrinkles, sagging skin elasticity and its ability to retain moisture, and at worst - there are skin diseases.Therefore, in the summer the skin needs to be protected and especially gentle care.

People with fair and dark skin react to sunlight differently.

There are four basic types of skin:

* very light skin (as a rule, the red-haired, blue-eyed people) has a very strong tendency to sunburn;

* light skin (mainly from owners or light brown hair, blue, gray or green eyes) has a strong tendency to sunburn;

* normal skin (in people with dark blond or brown hair,

gray-brown eyes) - a moderate tendency to sunburn;

* light brown to olive-colored skin (owners of dark hair and eyes) - a tendency to sunburn almost absent.

Some people after exposure to sunlight the skin reddens, her pimples and blisters - the so-called allergic to the sun .Its cause may be:

- inappropriate use of sunscreen;

- taking certain medications (antibiotics, antidiuretic and some herbal preparations);

- increased sensitivity of the skin.

To avoid sun allergies, it is necessary to perform some rules:

- leaving on a sunny day on the street, use low-fat and contain no emulsifiers gels sun-protection filters, as well as hypoallergenic sunscreen;

- if you have sensitive skin, it is necessary to sunbathe in the shade and use funds with a high degree of protection;

- you must be careful with the use of medicines;

- take calcium;

- creams with vitamin E and furalglyutsitolom counteract the formation of rash;

- to cope with allergic manifestations help compresses and zinc lotion.

In mild irritation to the skin with water washing is recommended to replace the cleansing of the skin decoction of chamomile or chamomile lime color with and be sure to use protective creams.

"The sun provides and the most useful and most harmful effects on the skin. Its rays contribute to the accumulation of vitamins in the skin, we feel comfortable on their heat, but prolonged exposure to the sun can cause considerable harm to the skin."

Another summer problem is increased sweating face.Some of the wrong actions of skin care can further exacerbate this problem.Sweating causes:

~ Too thick layer of day cream;

~ wrong choice of a day cream (moisturizing creams and various biocream in young women may cause facial sweating at any temperature);

~ use powder on a hot day (especially the owner of oily skin) - it is quite permissible only in the case of age spots, freckles and skin irritations.

However, all this does not mean that the summer is quite impossible to apply creams.After the skin, devoid of a protective lubricant becomes less resistant to sunlight and wind.Low Fat skin evaporates more sweat, which leads to more of its overdrying.Due to dehydration of the skin there are new wrinkles.Therefore, special attention should be given hot days moisturizing.

wipes the sweat from his face is best, applying to the face paper napkins with powder.

- To refresh the weather-beaten face flushed, sweaty recommended 1-2 times wipe it with sour cream or sour milk, and after 10-15 minutes - tea room temperature or infusion of sage.Then the skin is still damp apply a light moisturizer.

- When excessive sweating is good to wash the infusion of herb St. John's wort (1 tablespoon to 1 cup of boiling water).

- To cleanse and freshen well wipe the face cucumber, grape, watermelon, or other juices.For any skin fit raspberry juice, cucumber, strawberries, watermelon, oranges.

summer, as well as in the rest of the year, skin needs nutrition, neglect and reducing creams and masks are not worth it.

To avoid squinting in the bright sun, and not become as a result of the owner of the "crow's feet" around the eyes, it is necessary to wear sunglasses.

summer for all skin types recommended morning washing with cold water gradual decrease in temperature.But the skin needs to be prepared beforehand.After sleeping face and neck smeared juice of fresh vegetables or fruit, and then to dry or irritated skin cause vegetable oil or sour cream, in 5-10 minutes you can wash in cold water.

Oily skin in the completion of the procedures can be wiped with a piece of ice.After this is applied to dry skin cream;fat - lubricated first toning lotion and only then on the dried skin impose low-fat cream.

on the skin type of fat positively affect the sea and sunbathing, but, of course, in reasonable quantities.

If you exercise:

- Before training is better to remove makeup.Otherwise he rasplyvetsya during intensive movements.

- If you plan to exercise outside, each time before classes apply the cream with high UV filter.

- in the summer is also better to give up fatty creams.Overheating skin, fat overload vessels.

- After training, you should first carefully remove from the face of the sweat and dirt, and then apply a moisturizing cream to restore lost moisture reserve.