Recipes masks for dry skin

Cuhaya skin does not like either the sun or the cold, it is prone to peeling, not tolerate soap and some other components of cosmetics.Such skin demanding on water quality: after washing is often a feeling of tightness, spots, irritation.Sometimes, by the age of 25 become noticeable wrinkles around the eyes.All of these symptoms - a signal that the skin needs help immediately, that is good, and most importantly, the right care.In the absence of this the skin becomes rough, begins to peel off, cracks appear on it.

cause of dry skin can be a lack of water consumption and the lack of habit to protect the face from the external environment.Frost, wind, hot sun rays are very harmful burns to the skin, as it is dewatered.

In some dehydration are based diet, and those lovers should be aware that by getting rid of a few extra kilos, they run the risk of visually add yourself a few years.

no better skin condition is reflected on the use of alcohol, pills, laxatives and diuretics (diuretics), since they were w

ashed out of fabrics useful minerals and moisture withdrawn from the skin.

Dry skin lacks fat first, and then the moisture, because of the amount of fat that produces its sebaceous glands, is not enough to form a natural protective film, which is needed to maintain skin elasticity and protection from drying out.Therefore, lack of sebum immediately affects the humidity: the cells become dry, flaky, their mutual relationship weakens, and it allows moisture to evaporate easily.In addition, the protective film protects the skin from noxious external influences, and in its absence irritants may also penetrate.This causes increased sensitivity and rapid aging.

offer you some recipes of masks for dry skin.

- Mix equal parts of crushed flaxseed flour and water to swell, and then densely lubricate the face with this mixture.After 30 minutes the mask rinse with warm water.

- good nourishing mask for dry skin is the following: lemon juice, 20 g, spermaceti - 10 g, beeswax - 10 grams of alcohol - 5, the mask is applied to the face with a thin layer for 20-30 minutes.

- Honey mixed with an equal amount of milk (cream, sour cream, cottage cheese).Apply with a sluggish, dry, yellowish skin.It softens the skin, gently whitens it.

- Take 100 g of honey, 2 egg yolks, 100 g of vegetable oil, well rubbed and slightly warmed.Impose a mask is necessary in divided doses at intervals of 5-7 minutes, and rinse with a cotton swab dipped in broth linden.

- 1 lemon zest to rub on the plastic grater, pour 100 ml of alcohol, strain through cheesecloth, add a cup of sour cream or cream, 1 beaten egg white and 1 teaspoon of glycerin.Apply to face and after 15-20 minutes, remove with a cotton swab.

- In order to reduce inflammation or soak dry skin, it is possible to grease not salted pork fat.After 20 minutes, wash first with hot and then cold water.