Herbal medicine for dry sensitive skin

Dry skin - the largest and sissy capricious (and sensitive skin), and therefore most in need of protection, nutrition and hydration.

For dry skin: chamomile, yarrow (flowers), mint, sage (flowers), lemon balm, parsley, lime blossom, rose petals, hops (flowers), evening primrose (primrose), Comfrey, dill.

extremely useful for dry, sensitive skin mask of herbal mixture (lime blossom, chamomile, mint, dill, rose petals), has a moderating effect: 2 stoovye tablespoons of dry herb mixture pour 2 cups of cold water, bring to a boil and simmerboil for 3-5 minutes.Gauze moistened with lukewarm strained liquid and put on the face.Napkins for 15-20 minutes 3 times change.Wash off the mask with warm water.However, it should carry out a course of 20 masks a day, one mask will not help.

For dry, sensitive skin need light oils and soothing substances.

useful for sensitive skin marigold flowers, licorice, hazelnut leaves (hazelnut), chamomile (flowers), aloe, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, parsley, nettle.

very good for sensitive skin mask with aloe and honey : cut aloe leaves in half and put one teaspoon in a cup of pulp.Add 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of pre-warmed honey and whip.Pour about 3 tablespoons of powdered milk, and beat until the consistency of thick cream.Apply for 20 minutes.This mask is also suitable for dry skin.

Leaves and flowers of calendula - source soft tonic antiseptic with excellent healing properties.Reduces inflammation, cleans the skin without disrupting the natural acid-alkaline balance and causing cancer in excessive sebum secretion.

"Dry skin - the biggest sissy capricious and therefore most in need of protection, nutrition and hydration."

Flowers daisies - light toning preparation containing azulene, a natural soothing and emollient.They have a healing effect, cleanse pores and strengthens the skin tissue, reduce itching and inflammation.Antiseptic.

hazel leaves and bark have astringent, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.Soothes and softens sensitive and irritated skin.

buds, leaves and birch bark have mild astringent and stimulating properties, maintain the acid-alkaline balance, disinfect the skin.Good soften and soothe.The ideal basis for the care of sensitive and problematic skin.