Serum: " helpdesk " for your skin

How to understand the variety of innovative products that have flooded the cosmetic market?I'd like to be beautiful and properly care for the skin.Recently, your eyes become often come across the mysterious word "whey".What is the secret of the magic bullet? Cosmetic serum - is a relatively new tool for skin care that contains many times more active ingredients than creams, and has a better penetrating bioactive components - thus coping with cosmetic problems quickly and effectively the last.

Most often serum used to nourish and moisturize the skin .Apply them, either alone or under a cream - a substantial increase in its efficiency.All these qualities make valuable serum indispensable means of intensive extra care.Moreover, any action enhances serum cream.

Experts recommend using the serum, if:
- damaged skin (sunburn, chemical peels, etc.) and in need of urgent restoration

- skin needs deep moisturizing

- you tired or dry skin

- you want to get more intensive care of

- you have mature skin.

Serum for the face use rates.The course - a daily use tool for 3-4 months as serum is very important effect accumulation.With proper and regular use, a so-called "depot" of the active components in the skin.It continues to provide the skin with essential substances, when it is a break in the use of serum.The break should be about 4-5 months.

How to apply the serum?
Serum is applied with your fingertips using light tapping motion - until completely absorbed.Above the serum usually applied day or night cream.

How to choose a serum?
Typically, whey is adjusted individually according to your age, skin type and problem that requires solutions.It is desirable to have and cream, and serum was at one manufacturer, or can earn an allergy, or the effect of the application will not be as what you expected.Before purchasing whey demand a probe from the seller.

And remember: no one, even the most expensive cosmetic beauty will not return if you do not care for the skin daily.