Fashion history.Roy Halston - King of disco clothes

all began, in fact, in 1975 with the famous film "Saturday Night Fever" and the music for it.His main characters of John Travolta in a white three-piece suit, close-cropped, with curled like a poodle, temples and Olivia Newton-John in gently prisborennoe dress with American armholes, collar-resistant and shiny belt copied everywhere, even in the provinces tsialnom backwater.There was a demand for clothes for discos.The problem quickly solved the iconic designer in the United States 70th.XX century Roy Halston.He has created an ultra-modern line of clothing in the form tube dresses, shorts, suits of silk jersey, trouser suits and twos from kashemira.Tantsuya, the generation of the 70's dumped the last gram of fat

this happened not only during the "Saturday Night Fever", buton weekdays, on fitness classes.To wear superuzkie, form-fitting silhouette dress from Halston very fashionable then, you had to be slender as a reed.

So around thinness has developed a cult following, which is often turned into a m

aniacal obsession with diet and fitness.Things reached the point that at the end of the 70 women had to lie on the ground in order to fasten the zipper on his jeans.Blouse in the style of men's shirts, on the other hand, was supposed to unbutton her waist so that everyone can make sure that it does not require the owner of a bra.Thus was born the first sporting, deep neckline, which can be worn during the day.Male blazer looked tempting, if the lady wore it right on a naked body.

Roy Halston Frowick (1932-1990), a native of Des Moines (Iowa), graduated from two universities, worked hatter with his legendary compatriot Charles James.Later, he opened a millinery shop, first in Chicago and then in New York.

very soon followed by the first success - it began to wear hats of yesteryear Hollywood star Gloria Swanson.Following her example, Hollywood Bohemians fell in love hats from Halston.

Years passed, and Halston became a star of American design 70s, a kind of American response to Yves Saint Laurent.He gave the American sportswear fashion the refinement that previously seemed impossible for this style.Halston was not only a brilliant stylist (sexy, chic and comfortable dress from Halston became a kind of measure of prosperity - the mass of American celebrities wore his toilets), but also an excellent marketer.

premature death from AIDS was interrupted by a bright career of the designer, who so loved to dress up Liza Minnelli and Jacqueline Kennedy.For the first, he has developed a particular style, making it one of the ten most beautifully dressed women in the world at that time.For the widow of President John F. Kennedy created Halston felt hat-tablets, which have become iconic headgear all elegant ladies 2nd half of the XX century.Rise minimalist (at least the form of matter at least, a minimum of accessories - a minimum total) Fashion 90 - is in many ways the implementation of his ideas.The subsequent generation of US designers, which includes Calvin Klein and Tom Ford, with a maximum advantage of its rich artistic heritage.So Tom Ford has achieved unprecedented success with the brand Gucci largely by imitation Halston.