Fashion history.The new word by Kawakubo

«Invasion" from the East to the European style of dress began in the 70s.XX century.But his real value was to be felt only in the 80s when the great work of the Japanese trio - Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake - marching through their creative, drew up a completely unique style of dress, was to have a noticeable impact on the world fashion.

Japanese canons of beauty are fundamentally different from the generally accepted in Europe.Physical beauty in Japan has not given such a high priority, both in Europe and America.The attractiveness, charm regarded as the spiritual qualities.Unlike their Western counterparts, which tend to emphasize obsessive sexuality and clothe the female body in the narrowest and transparent clothes, what you can, do not emphasize the Japanese sexuality, and hide it inside, offering to wrap the body, focusing on geometric shapes kimono.

turns out that the Japanese fashion - is a particular philosophy of life.If the West seek vengeance with the help of plastic surger

y, highly modern nutrition and sports medicine to make the human body from a work of art, the oriental designers create new and new proportions suit ... that so alter the body that clothes itself becomes a work of art.

... By the way, for the Japanese fashion designers exceptional role played by how clothes behaves in motion, ie. E. How it affects the plasticity of human movement.Therefore, the Japanese designers were the first to introduce designers of the fashion models who their owner himself can detach the sleeves, change the length of the collar to remake ...

the brightest representatives of the Japanese avant-garde fashion Rei Kawakubo (born 11/10/1942 city.) - One of thethe biggest mysteries in the world of fashion.Unattainable, like a queen, mysterious as the sphinx, Rei Kawakubo has revolutionized the fashion that women succeeded to it only the legendary Coco Chanel, creating his own style «Comme des Garcons» (France -. Boys).

Thus it is well known only to specialists, the press is almost no contact.It turns out that she is famous, but it is not known.Another paradox of the fashion world, but there is nothing to be done: the most famous Japanese designer fashion - an outspoken opponent of the cult of personality that among the fashion designers are extremely rare.After the show, she immediately disappears behind the scenes, and in the audience will remain in memory only a small silhouette with short hair and bangs purse.Rei Kawakubo - vivid personification catch phrase "East - a delicate matter."

Indeed, Ray Kawakubo came into vogue in 1959, based in the capital of Japan is now the famous company with the original name "As the boys."This name clearly defies the essence of the Japanese samurai, because in this exotic land men on the independent women looked and looked still in disbelief.Especially if the annual turnover of the companies controlled by these women is as Rei Kawakubo ... 125 million. Dollars!

Philosopher by training, Ray explains his view of the simulation: "If you want to understand me, look at my model."However, there is hardly a second kind of style in fashion, which is not only admired, but accusations of absolute unsuitability for life, and that is so hard to describe.The problem is that no one still did not understand it until the end.Epithets, taken in the world of haute couture, such as beautiful, elegant, youth and elegant, is not suitable, since these clothes are hardly corresponds to the accepted aesthetic norms.And the traditional Japanese costume - kimono - dresses from Kawakubo is as far as the headscarf - of an evening dress.

For over 30 years Ray Kawakubo tailors clothes on the human figure in his own way, adding bends and bulges, exposing the seams of clothing and twisting inside out.Style Kawakubo came from Japanese aesthetics, where the irregularity and imperfection traditionally regarded as a sign of life.

Asymmetric edge sweaters, jackets and skirts, soft draping and shapeless dresses, capes, understated waistline and huge armholes.All ottenki beige and even black surprise for its color nuances.

This style does not call for the fashion creators to go back to a nostalgic past or go to the people and the search for new ideas.Like Gabrielle Chanel, Ray Kawakubo innovative changes our style of dress."I do not find sexy dresses that reveal the body", - she said, and showed the world the dimensionless model.Initially, the public was horrified.Shapeless jackets with strange clasps without buttons, ruffles with fringed, baggy sweater if proedennye moth, stretch tweed, silk and erasure as the crown of all - black color.Under the influence of Rei Kawakubo it becomes massive, it could still have a blue color jeans.

(To be continued)