Fashion history.The new word of Kawakubo Rei ( part II)

... By the way, in something akin to another Rei Kawakubo famous Japanese designer clothes - his fellow countryman Yohji Yamamoto, especially in the adoration of black.(Largely thanks to Ray black reigns on the podium 80-ies.).Although in recent years there have been between the two major differences: Yamamoto is increasingly drawn into a polemic with the Western style, and Ray still confidently going its own way, sometimes extremely difficult ...

rich in 80-ies.its model seemed miserable and shapeless.Western women did not understand Kawakubo, which in the era of rampant fashion for women over the lush silicone bust said that in her dresses women do not need large breasts to feel feminine."I do not care to make a woman beautiful," - she adds.

Kawakubo costumes reject all Western notions of fashion.They hide a woman's body under the multi-layered fabrics.They are decorative and do not flatter the figure of a woman.Her fashion is not functional, it does not seek spectacular.Therefore, it is often poss

ible to hear something like: "I am inclined to Head Kawakubo ... but the dress is still going from the French."

Her style - "the destroyed view" (dress, hanging bags on the girls jackets, button-down back and all in mourning-black) is not only caused the attacks, but also increased the distrust of the West, and in the nativefor her East.She first showed menswear collection, where the emphasis is not placed on the perfection of models, but on the bright individuality men.

What is particularly nice, it was revered by many colleagues (and you know how celebrities usually relate to each other): Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Gianfranco Ferre, Dolce & amp;Gabbana, but the biggest fan of the unique talent of Ray Kawakubo is Alexander McQueen.He is its model and, in addition, more than once he showed them on the podium.

... By the way, characteristic that Ray shows off his collection without accessories (not without reason, believing that clothes do not need any supplements, because it is self-sufficient), using as little material as possible to show the brighter are the costume.For the same reason it prefers to defile in a narrow range of viewers, considering that intimate atmosphere helps to better perceive the model ...

Kawakubo strives to create something that does not exist yet.To do this, it puts in clothes this or that detail in an exaggerated form (face-clenched hands, clothes with prominent humps as a tumor or parts sewn into clothing rolls), insisting that it is quite suitable for everyday wear.At the same time it suits there is nothing accidental.

Master deconstruction (. From the English deconstruction means the destruction of the traditional form): Rei Kawakubo absolutely certain that the experimental clothing promotes a peculiar inner emancipation.But that does not stop it, and produces perfumes for men naturally called «Comme des Garsons», which become for them a real drug.The fact that each body of the perfume smell ... different.Ray again unique ...