Versace - the genius of sexuality

One of the legends of Italian haute couture, and ridiculously early deceased Gianni Versace (July 25, 1997 he was shot by a maniac) was born on 2 December 1946 in the south of Italy, in the town of Reggio Calabria in a very close-knitfamily.He was a happy and secure childhood.

most powerful influence in those years had on Gianni his mother, who was very fond of black.She was a seamstress, and all the rich ladies dressed in the studio, where reigned Signora Frank Versace.Young Gianni wasted no time and already in his youth skillfully mastered the profession of his mother.

In 1972, he left home and moved to Milan: there then began the extraordinary rise of the Italian ready-to-wear.And in 1978 he made the world of fashion to talk about themselves, demonstrating its innovative collection of ready-to-wear in Milan.He then worked successfully on theatrical costumes in "La Scala".(He always loved the theater and later worked a lot and well, creating costumes for opera and ballet productions, in particular

the famous choreographer Maurice BĂ©jart).

then Versace focused on high fashion in the 80's it was one of the "kings".He perfectly captured the spirit of the time, and his luxurious style as well as possible approached to the "star" of 80-th years.XX century.In 1990 he was admitted as a corresponding member of the Syndicate of High Fashion, and he had the opportunity to present their collections Haute Couture twice a year in Paris.His idol was Balensyaga, because Versace suits are also different lines of purity, clarity silhouette and design clarity.

Versace worked for extraordinary people.His clientele consisted mostly of a very rich and incredibly beautiful ladies from 25 to 40 years.It is for them to wear a costume, "Versace" was a sign of the highest chic."My clothes - said Gianni Versace - can be worn all women, regardless of the image and the shape.Because I do not impose anything.I always leave it to individual interpretation. "

Gianni claimed that learned to lovingly refer to all women in the company of his mother.He praised them for its narrow straight stretch dresses, silk tweed with printed neoclassical design and super-sexy clothes, very tight-fitting body.He made them not only overtly sexual, but also strong.He sang of sensuality and eroticism with true Italian temperament, but not obscene.His aggressive male models and sexy.

Versace was able to create a high-performance business, bringing huge profits.No one in the world until it is not used with such intensity, with such charm, and sometimes frenzy and riot pictures, large photographic images (not for nothing that he has collaborated with such luminaries photos as Richard Avedon, Steven Meisel Weber and Bruce).

... By the way, Versace in 80-90-ies.He created so popular nowadays cult of supermodels.It became a favorite mannequins conclude exclusive contracts for huge sums to tie the girls to his fashion House.Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Carla Bruni, Karen Mulder, Helena Christensen Versace and the favorite of many faces Linda Evangelista - all of them made it Versace ...