Versace - the genius of sexuality ( part II)

As one of Gianni Versace was able to puzzle the audience: during the show it and Rifat Ozbek collection-93 viewers might have thought that fashion models are not ... underwear.In fact they were wearing thong panties skin color.It was he who turned the underwear and sport types of clothing - shorts body, kombidressy, leggings and tights - a luxurious evening wear, decorated with beadwork, sequins, appliqu├ęs, or printed designs.

for him did not exist at the borders and barriers.He was able to combine antiquity and the Renaissance, Baroque and Futurism.It is absolutely natural looking leather with lace or denim.He loved to experiment with new materials - vinyl and metallic fabrics.His ideas seemed audacious, but never brought to technical perfection.

Excess decor, to limit saturated colors, the classic Greek and Roman motifs, gold in all its forms - the luxury Versace drew the blood - vampire.His artistic credo was "too much"!Over the 20 years of its superbright, sverhoblegayuschaya supersensible clothes

, determines not only the appearance, but also a lifestyle "lucky mira.sego from Demi Moore to Elton Shzhona from Jon Bon Jovi to Sting, from Prince to Tina Turner, from Madonna to ElizabethHurley.

no secret that the latter made his spectacular career in fact only due to the scandalous celebrity dress holding only a few bulavochkah.

... By the way, along with extravagant models that are extremely loaded with colors and patterns and are so chased various stars from Versace and was the second line - concise fashion with the "timeless" appearance ...

But all of his lines wasdemonstrative inherent eroticism, which so brilliantly demonstrated fostered their top models.Versace has not changed his style and when many other couturiers, obeying the changed spirit of the times, in the 90s began to get involved in deconstructionism, minimalism and stressed asexual clothing.The fact that others seem vulgar (too much gold, diamonds and open the most interesting places of the female, and sometimes male body), from Versace look absolutely natural.After all, it was a dress from Versace ...!

In 1996 the trade turnover amounted to almost Versace House 2.5 billion. Francs.In recent years, the life of the Milanese couturier had begun to move away from the business, focusing entirely on the models for their favorite stars ...

After the death in 1997 of maestro that really shocked the world, the fashion house Versace has not fallen and is not lost.One example of this - turn at Versace boutiques around the world, who lined up on the morning after his death.Among the customers of fashion house Versace is still the first person bohemia: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Puff Daddy George Michael, Rupert Everett, Elton John and George Clooney.

sister and muse of Gianni - Donatella Versace (. P 1955) - artistic director of fashion house with Gianni - brother continues the creative line, releasing the model in the style of sexy glamor that make only open their mouths in astonishment: That only is it longthat adheres to the female attire of ... gold ... web, dressed to the skin!And not for nothing that infamous actress Liz Hurley loves to hit journalists and residents at social events and parties as frank neckline by Donatella Versace, in order to avoid the excesses it has to correct him every minute.Although it would seem, what could be there to correct - the bust of luxury silicone and Hurley as "asking out"!But this coquettish "wrap" lush breasts - one of the "young women: tricks" Donatella Versace designed to capture men's attention to the delicious part of the female body!

so sexy, scandal and a joke are a hallmark fashion house Versace and after the death of the master ...