Fashion history.Four American clothing whale for success: Ralph Lauren

Another native of the Bronx, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants (his real name Lifshitz or Lipschits) or Lauren Ralph Lauren (born in 1939). - The American fashion designer and perfume.The sense of style evident in the young Ralph still in his early years, when 12 years for all the money he received, laboring after school, he bought an expensive suit.Despite the fact that it should be easier to buy clothes, he did not want to deny yourself the pleasure to look stylish and rich, he always manages to since.

Then Ralph realized what he wanted to achieve in life.He cherished American dream in the first school essay honestly stated her: "I want to be a millionaire."And he began to work a simple seller in "Brooks Brothers".Then for a long time worked in the company for the production of fashionable clothing and accessories to produce a wide, hand-made, and therefore very expensive neckties.

In 1971, he directed his attention to the creation of women's clothing, and released a collection of classic shirts.

A year later, he made a complete line of women's clothing from cashmere, cotton and tweed.But success came to him in 1974 - after the development of men's suits in the famous film "The Great Gatsby."It turned Lauren Robert Redford in the American character a well-dressed man.

returning to the women's clothing, Ralph remained faithful to the main principle of timeless fashion - elegance.He revived the old America with her long skirts, tweed and knitted jumpers, not forgetting the romantic lace jabot and adding the image of perfume odor "Safari".He suggested that a female version of a shirt with a collar polo, and that is how - «Polo» - became known as its brand, bringing multimillion-dollar revenues.

Europeans, by the way, at first perceived the perfume Ralph Lauren exclusively as overseas souvenir.But then surrendered, submitting its American charm «Polo Sport» and «Polo Sport woman».

... By the way, Lauren style is more important than fashion.Created under his brand name should live longer than one season."Elegance, timeless - this motto brought Lauren name, success and made him a genius marketing ...

His fashion is intended for active and sports people, and yet America welcomes a healthy lifestyle, it will probably be welcomed and Lorena,allowed himself the liberty: bring your own initials on the state flag.