Fashion history.Helmut Lang - the leader of a minimalist clothing

In the 90-ies.XX century thanks to new technologies appeared "intelligent" materials, such as a comfortable and soft to the touch, not mnuschayasya velvety microfiber.It guaranteed comfort and freedom: it is not necessary to iron it is hygienic, "breathes", prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays, flavored or even soaked moisturizer.This fabric has paved the way for a new style of clothing - minimalism.

Day minimalism requires a strict style.The clothes should sit perfectly: thin striped suit became uniform.But in the evening, and, therefore, in private life, everything is permitted.The evening atmosphere minimalist male preference for free - ram on shoes - jeans, pullovers, sweatshirts muted colors (in the bohemian version with contrasting elbow patches), microfiber jackets up to mid-thigh with patch stitched pockets.

Day minimalist in the evening turns into a romantic or (as appropriate), and even fatal athletic beauty.Now its main weapon - the irresistible femininity, which is expressed in a s

trong nudity the most attractive parts of the body.Anything goes seductively tight or transparent.

One of the leaders of minimalism became the Austrian Helmut Lang (b. 1956).It Lang first proposed buyers to purchase only those things that will fit their perception of the world, their own "I", because in fact the suit should become a work of each individual.

not having special education of the designer, the native of Vienna develops fashion in their own way, by combining the latest techno-material (eg, foam rubber) with classic fabrics such as silk and lace, decorated with shirts holograms or reflect light stripes.He introduced a fashionable usage raw edges and asymmetry, layering.Soon he picked up many ideas of young designers.He defined the spirit of the 90's, as Saint-Laurent - 70th.

Lang who professes the principle of "! Less is more", created the most common type of urban clothing - pants suit moderate forms, combined with a simple white T-shirt instead of a blouse or shirt.White T-shirt for all occasions - corporate reception of the designer.His favorite colors - black, white, silver, blue, beige, occasionally diluted fuchsia.Along with Martin Marzhieloy he opposed the overuse of labels, sew on their own models of pieces of white cloth instead of the logo.

Believing that the future of fashion center will move to New York, Lang moved there himself.Immediately after the move, he received a truly "revolutionary" decision: to show his new collection in America before the start shows in Europe.In the spring of 1999 in New York have passed displays - the first time in history before, and not after the shows in Milan, London and Paris.(Then, just began to receive Calvin Klein and Donna Karan.) So there was a trend: "Paris - a city of beauty, but the creative energy found only in New York."