Beautiful legs.Hair Removal : Ways and Secrets

Beautiful smooth legs for every woman - a dream!And what to do if you suffer from unwanted hair?We'll have to do hair removal.

epilation - is hair removal, in which the hair bulb is destroyed.This is a real medical procedure that should be taken seriously.

have hair removal there are contraindications.For example, photo-epilation, laser hair removal and other types of permanent hair removal can not be used for chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), pigmentation disorders, varicose veins, pregnancy, oncology.

not recommended to use the same cream or razor for different areas of the skin - for example, for the legs and bikini area.So you can carry infection.When removing hair it is necessary to do the peeling and other exfoliating treatments at least 1 time per week.This will help avoid the problems of ingrown hairs and festering.It is important to clearly follow the application instructions for each tool.There will be no abscesses, ingrown hair or skin redness.

From ancient times to the present d

ay in the East for the removal of unwanted hair using one of the most painful methods of depilation - shugaring .On the skin applied a strong solution of sugar, which is then removed with a rag soaked in the substance of the Velcro.

Modernity presented women more considerate measures.The easiest and cheapest method - shaving.However, it must be applied often, and eventually the hair becomes darker and thicker, you may be allergic to shaving foam.And as for the bikini area is not the best way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Means for hair removal

Depilatory cream removes unwanted hair for a long time, it is ideal for the bikini area and no ingrown hairs!However, you can not use it all.First of all, it should be tested on the elbow and wait a day.The appearance of redness imposes a taboo on this method.

Cars-epilators - civilized shutaring.This is the most painful of all types of hair removal, and the longest - can be carried for an hour.Besides, it is only suitable for feet.The main advantage - getting rid of the hair for 3-4 weeks.

"Even in ancient Egypt, noble women, not excluding the very Cleopatra, removed unwanted hair with hot beeswax."

Waxing or bioepilyatsiya - one of the available methods, which, moreover, is easy to implement at home.This method is suitable for all skin types.Painful sensations that accompany the procedure, not the long-term.Together with the skin is removed and the upper layer of the epidermis, so that the skin is smooth.Regular use of wax makes the hair thinner and weaker.The main problem - ingrown hairs.To avoid this as much as possible, after each procedure is recommended to apply a soothing cream with panthenol and exfoliating agent to escape and festering sores.

Types of hair removal salons

Special offer several types of hair removal.

Photoepilation - method of hair removal using a special light bulb. Photoepilation - a relatively safe procedure, did not take loss time depends on the thickness of the hair follicle: it can occur immediately after the procedure, or stretch out for a month.

Ultrasonic Hair Removal .Depilated skin is treated with a special compound.Using ultrasound its molecules are delivered deep into the skin, slowing down the process of cell division and partially destroying the hair follicle.The first results ultrasonic hair removal apparent only after a year.In addition, the surrounding cells may be damaged.

Enzyme epilation - method of using enzymes.They are slowly destroying the hair follicle.This is a long but painless procedure.The only contraindication - an allergy to the drug.

Electrolysis .The hair follicle needle is inserted.As it passes the current that destroys the bulb. Electrolysis - a costly, painful and time-consuming procedure, scars can appear after.But this is the only way to a few sessions to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Ways epilation set, you can always choose the best for you.Beauty requires sacrifice, but the satisfaction of his own reflection in the mirror will reward you for your efforts.Be always beautiful!