Foot sweating - hyperhidrosis : how to eliminate the sweating of the feet

excessive sweating problem of concern to many people, as much sweating feet often emit odor resistant, because the sweat does not evaporate from the closed shoe.The appearance of this specific smell is directly connected with the release of sweat, even more so, with hyperhidrosis.What is the cause of the smell?Sweat contains fatty acids that decompose, exude an unpleasant smell.What to do?Why

increased sweating feet?

to start calm - sweating process is absolutely normal.Man must sweat, is a vital function of the body.Sweat glands have - thousands.Only on the sole of the foot it is located to 40,000 sweat glands, and they are actively releasing sweat, create conditions for the cooling of the foot, what it really even need.

But in the case of extraordinary, for hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration), there is a feeling as if you walk through the swamp.Sometimes, due to the continuous stay moist skin is softened, and sometimes it cracks, which can be very painful.

In some cases, the hypersecretion is

associated with heat, emotional and physical stress.Hyperhidrosis can occur as early as childhood or adolescence.Most often it affects women.Hyperhidrosis is usually hereditary.

Home remedies for Athlete's Foot

First of all, the most severe hygiene: daily thorough washing of feet, especially between the toes, shoe polish brush to thoroughly remove dead skin flakes, as well as polishing pumice soles before removing keratin material or the use of exfoliants forfeet.We should not forget that it is necessary to wipe his feet dry with a towel.

is necessary to lubricate the foot cream, which reduces sweating feet, provided that this cream is applied regularly.a new generation of creams are absorbed very quickly, do not contain unpleasant fragrances and reduce sweating - gradually, from application to application, normal sweating.

can also recommend the use of a special deodorant that can successfully deal with the smell of sweat and prevents the growth of bacteria, due to the presence in its composition of active ingredients having a cleansing and disinfectant action.Often it extracts of plants such as sage, lavender, or cinquefoil (galangal).We recommend to wear cotton socks to be washed in detergent with a bactericidal action.

You can also sprinkle talcum powder inside of the shoe or use a spray deodorant for shoes, having a fresh, light but persistent aroma.Such deodorant effectively combats the unpleasant odor and even beneficial effects on human health.

Precautions need to treat tennis shoes (sneakers and kedam).They contribute to increased sweating and do not allow access to air, moisture does not evaporate.When buying shoes is better to prefer shoes with leather soles.Leather "breathes", synthetics - not.Moreover, it is necessary to carefully examine the quality of finish - is not desirable that between the outsole and the foot had a thick layer of glue on the plastic base.

advise to pay attention to diet - should avoid spicy foods, as well as very hot or very cold drinks - they promote sweating.

Recipes trays of sweating feet

• 2 handfuls of shredded young birch leaves to boil a few minutes in 3-4 liters of water, cool, add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and soak feet for 15-20 minutes

• Make bath of 50-100 goak bark for 3-4 liters of water

• bath of broth sage and nettle, taken in equal proportions

• bath of broth celandine (1 tablespoon per 3 liters of water).

"can not be used Iontophoresis in the presence of the body of the electric stimulator of the heart muscle, as well as any metal objects, such as intrauterine spirals or steel plates (fractures), as well as allergic skin diseases." Medical treatment for hyperhidrosis


specialists stop disease or dermatologists may assign sessions iontophoresis.The principle of this method is that the feet are immersed in a tank of water where the current of ions takes place.This leads to the normalization of the sweat glands.The method of iontophoresis is painless, but if you are sensitive in the area of ​​the foot can be felt easy, quite tolerable tingling.The session lasts about forty minutes.It is recommended to undergo a course of five - six sessions for the normalization of the sweat glands.

require quite different time periods ranging from several months to several years to achieve a positive result.Usually in the first week conducted three sessions, on the second - two sessions, and the third - one.Positive effect was observed in 75% of cases, and it is stored under the condition of maintenance therapy.

However, this treatment has contraindications: such a method, as well as all procedures based on electricity action, can not be used in the presence of the body of the electric stimulator of the heart muscle, as well as any metal objects, such as intrauterine spirals or steel plates (fractures) as well as in allergic skin diseases.