Treatment of corns and cracked heels

Due to the excessive dryness of the skin on the heels of the cracks occur, which can deliver some trouble walking.Examine your shoes and if you notice thin incisions, proceed immediately to treatment, do not allow the deepening cracks.

• Grate juicy apple, put the pulp into pieces of cheesecloth and attach to the soles of the feet, fasten a bandage.Such a procedure, if done daily, will allow in a short time to get rid of small cracks.

• Deep cracks on the heels too amenable to treatment: wipe the heel slice of fresh tomato, and do it during the day as often as possible.

• Another means, known since ancient times, is considered our usual cabbage: imposes on the heels on a night cabbage leaves, and in the morning lubricate the skin moisturizer.

• Good helps with painful cracks on the sole of the feet normal honey: Apply on cotton squares a little honey and apply to cracks.Leave the honey wraps for the whole night, securing them with a bandage and put on thin socks.In the morning rinse the feet with wa

rm water and lubricate well baby cream.

• One of the best of traditional medicine in the fight with cracks on the heels called lard: liberally grease heel, polyethylene wrap and put on thin socks.The procedure is best done at night.Traditional healers say that in two weeks you get rid of all the problems on the skin.

• As a result of wear uncomfortable or tight shoes appear corn.Using patches - not the best way to get rid of them.If small blisters, do not wait until they turn your feet into one big problem - start immediately to deal with them.And to help you foot bath.

• Grate the soap, pour into a bowl of hot water (1.5 liters), add soap and 3 teaspoons of baking soda.Poparte legs in a bowl for 40 minutes.Softening thickened gently scrape fine iron spatula.Do not attempt to once get rid of corns - only hurt.If you do this procedure regularly, then you can get rid of calluses forever.After the bath dry your feet dry and apply a cream containing salicylic acid or boric Vaseline grease corn.Above apply corn plasters.

• To soften calluses, try the following procedure: First, make a foot bath - dilute in warm water 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons olive oil and add 5 drops of chamomile oil.Steam the legs 20 minutes.Second, take a piece of pumice stone and gently rub the corn, and thirdly, apply a pre-made lotion - Take the 30-milliliter bottle and pour it all ready lotion unscented (half), then add 3 drops of chamomile aroma oils and 2 drops of lemon essentialoil, add the remaining lotion bottle and shake well.Periodically lubricate the corn lotion, and if you use it at night, then wear socks to retain moisture longer.

• It will help patients get rid of calluses aloe Take fleshy leaves of this plant, cut in half and attach to the corns cut, secure the bandage, wear thin socks to bandage not subsided ,null, and leave on all night.Several of these packs will relieve you from blisters.

• Traditional medicine advised to get rid of calluses by conventional onions: onion peel pour apple cider vinegar and leave for 2 weeks.Then, apply a thick layer on the corn husks and pribintuyte overnight.Repeat the procedure every night, and the corn will disappear after 5 days.

• Well to mix onion gruel with milk, baked onion, onion poultice of boiled in milk.Place the corn on any of the above onion mixture, fix bandage.A few hours later, dropping his feet in hot water, the stratum corneum gently scrape off softened.Repeat the procedure twice a day until complete disappearance of blisters.