Hair of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Orient

hairdressing origins go back to very ancient times.Consider hairdressing art in the ancient world: Egypt, Rome, Greece, ... ancient Egyptians wore wigs: carefully braided pigtails hair strands were cut at the same level, below the ears (the first "square"), bangs or braids retracted back stronger onhead with the help of rings or crowns, used combs, barrettes.Wigs made of expensive materials were the property of the priests, and later representatives of the ruling classes.Trendy color - dark brown or black.The dye used plant - henna.

mentally fast forward to the still preserved the best examples of portrait sculpture of ancient Egypt.Figurine Nofret (Ancient Egypt around 2700-2500 BC. E., Cairo Museum), made of soft limestone, painted in the set at that time for women sculptures brownish-yellow color, eyes blue-gray color, made of grayand-blue chalcedony (sapphirine), strands of hair neatly braided in pigtails and trimmed at the shoulders, the head is decorated with a diadem with symbolic images.In thos

e days, related to V pharaoh dynasty (middle of the III millennium BC. E.), A portrait sculpture makes demands absolute similarity with a really existing person, since, from the standpoint of the Egyptian religion, the life force ( "ka"), andas the soul of man ( "ba") after a person's death could find again its earthly shell.Thus was born a realistic sculptural portrait by which we can judge the hairstyle.

End XV-early XIV centuries BC.The era of Nefertiti, which means in ancient Egyptian "Beauty is coming" ... And today we face a mesmerizing sculpture ancient Egyptian queen with her amazing hair.It was the heyday of art to create a variety of formulations for skin anointing.Tolk in ointments and incense, as no one on earth, the ancient Egyptians knew.

Men in ancient Egypt shaved beard stone or bronze fixtures, but at receptions, Pharaoh wore a wig and false beard, the commoners wore a loose hair.

In the books of the Old Testament says about the importance of having long hair for men's beauty and power.Samson's power secret was in his hair, and, deprived of them, Samson lost his strength.

Beautiful wavy women's hair admired and filled the hearts of timid tenderness - remember the inspired "Song of SongsĀ» ...

Look prince Absalom - a young man with a bushy thick wavy hair.Men wore long, slicked-back hair.On the forehead laid them in spiral curls and near the ears and neck - in the ring.

(To be continued.)