Health foot : flat feet and other defects

feet resting on the whole weight of the body, between them are often overlooked or even simply tortured, imprisoned in awkward, tight shoes and bashmaki.Rezultat not keep long in coming: there will be constant pain in the feet, there will be bending the toes.Often there is bending of the big toe.Thumb thus comes to the second finger, making it difficult to wearing shoes, and often causes pain.

Hygiene stop

Hygiene stop starts with the proper selection of shoes.Ideally, you should turn to a good specialist, orthopedist, who will recommend which shoes more suitable for your foot."The Egyptian" foot - long thumb - excludes, on the one hand, the wearing of "pins" and pointy shoes (this can cause bending of the thumb), and on the other - the use of shoes with very low heels."Greek" stop (the second toe is longer slightly large) allows you to wear heel shoes and arbitrary shape.At the "square" stop (the second finger is along the length of the large), too, can wear the shoes of choice.

Flatfoot good tolerate high heels.At the foot of high rise abuse pins is not necessary.The general rule is that shoes should be free.It is difficult to agree flirt who prefer to wear shoes half a size smaller, assuring that they are better then sitting on his leg.Preferably, leather footwear, which provides better ventilation and, therefore, better breathing stops.

good shoes - it boots with the correct curved inner portion adjacent to foot the entire surface of the sole.That requirement is not met various flip-flops and slippers, which - with their long daily wear - excellent quality and preserve the purity of the sexes, but it is very bad for the feet.The most suitable shoes are lightweight shoes or slippers - clean, that does not face the street, quite tough and at the same time flexible and elastic.Training is to stop the general gymnastics with their lifting and squats, as well as walking barefoot on the floor or carpet for 30 minutes daily.

Frequent stops

disadvantages addition to the relatively flat foot of the inefficiency of the foot belongs to the curvature of the big toe.Usually it is a consequence of cross flatfoot, and sometimes the result of joint disease.From these protruding bones are affected more often than women, at least - men.If you notice a starting strain of foot - sharpening angle between the big toe and the middle of the foot bone, redness and soreness of the place, you should not just go on wearing wider shoes, but do not delay to visit an orthopedic surgeon.

also common drawback - ingrown nail.It manifests itself almost exclusively on his thumb.This disease is deep ingrown side of the nail edges into soft tissue, resulting in the last exposed the inflammatory process with the appearance of cracks and abscesses (suppuration).

most common causes of this phenomenon - too tight shoes, improper nail trimming.About harm caused by too tight shoes, we have already spoken.Most often, when cutting the nails to make mistakes resulting from excessive zeal and fear of damaging the stockings - the nails are cut too short.Toenails and especially on the big toes cut the end so that they were 1-2 millimeters beyond the edge of the finger.

When the foot is in the shoe, the cushion is slightly tapered toe nail will be closed, which is as it protects it, and at the same time, the nail in the shoe is not too speak because of the finger edges and tear stockings or socks.Moreover, you should observe another rule: in no case do not round off the side of the nail, and even more so do not cut it with side triangles!This rounding of the free edge - the surest way to nail ingrowth.

If you have found the first signs of sprouting, then changing his shoes to a more free, 2 times a day do foot bath of warm solution of potassium permanganate, or baking soda (a tablespoon in the pelvis).After a bath, try to slip under side of the nail cotton tamponchik few millimeters thick, to lift the nail on the nail shaft.If this happens, hold the nail in that position for several hours, and the cuticles grease iodine.If you do not succeed and will not be able to help pedicurist, then without further delays, refer to the surgeon.

Foot Care with blisters

When caring for your feet, you must take into account the hereditary tendency to the appearance of blisters.

Persons who have foot problems (ingrown toenails, calluses, etc.) at least once a month, are expected to attend specialist pedicure.In this case we are not talking about nail polish on his feet, that is - even from an aesthetic point of view - tertiary value, and the permanent maintenance of the legs in a healthy form: removing callosities, as soon as they start to bother cropping and filing nails, they begingrow, preventing the emergence of fungal infections and warts.

Every woman who wants to be attractive, should closely follow the shape of the feet and avoid disfiguring changes.