Hair of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

is believed that in ancient Greece hairdressing was the most developed.The word "cosmetics" of Greek origin and means "the art of decorating."The Greeks knew many secrets of medicinal cosmetics, the country was dominated by the cult of the human body, hairstyle performed expertly and with great care: the women and men used various methods of weaving strands of hair and zavivok on iron rods that were called Kalamies, and do this work masters called kalamistrami.

do hair for a long time, because they were busy and difficult to implement, in this case used vegetable flavored powders with shading effects.Most women tend to have ash or golden hair.Heavy and thick hair of Greek women skillfully cleaned with great ingenuity in knots at the back, decorated hairstyles diadems, necklaces, hoops and ribbons.Garment decoration and style of the clothes and hairstyles meet all lifestyle of the Greeks.The idea of ​​Greek women hairstyles we can get, considering the works of art of the ancient Greeks: thick hair, curl

ed in ringlets, parted in the middle split, forehead and sides pulled back and removed at the back in a knot.

"The word" cosmetics "of Greek origin and means" the art of decorating »"

Women included in the history of ancient Greece, what they looked like?Here, for example, Aspasia, wherein the refined softness of facial features - one of the most amazing women of the ancient world, which was able to lead philosophical discussions with Sophocles, Socrates, the "father of history" Herodotus ... Gorgeous hair: hair of the frontal zone are divided into small strands parted,extending from the top of his forehead, the strands are braided in pigtails and carefully removed at the back.

In imperial Rome, highly prized blond hair and blond wigs.It is not excluded that the blond beauty from the Germanic tribes did not give rest Roman.Notable Roman paid their appearance of great importance: cosmetics they use on a daily basis, hairdressing reached virtuosity, women's hairstyles were intricate.About these verses were composed and written malicious epigrams.The mod was a steep wave, which is then also a tease.Those who could not boast of luxurious hair, wigs rescued.

The Roman Baths slaves Kosmet to massage the body patricians, virtuoso master, performing hairstyles, competed in ingenuity."It is easier to count oak acorns, than to list Roman women hairstyles."It was invented by a means for changing the color strips: from dark to light.manufacturing secret is not kept and is not cracked.In those days, the Romans began to cut their hair, men wore a neat short hair, shaved his mustache and beard.Over time, the masters of ancient Rome define your style: hairstyles, worn before the Greek character, began to differ more brevity, conciseness of form, variety (there was ingenuity in hair weaving, laying rollers, curls, hair were clarified).Wealthy Roman women wore jewelry: tiaras framed open forehead, earrings complement WC women of the lower classes harbored hair capes.

Famous fashionistas Ancient Rome was Valeria Messalina - his wife Claudia.It is on all images depicted with hair, parted in the middle separated by a vertical, small braids braided and tucked away at the back.