Potatoes to treat cracked heels

summer especially needed foot care, or open shoes simply will not be able to wear!A leg skin quickly becomes rough, and that has to carefully deal with the softening of the skin, peeling, treat cracked heels, calluses and corns.

Potato footbath

Footbaths - a very effective remedy for foot care.At home, you can perfectly exfoliate the horny skin with the help of potato, which is always at hand.If the skin on your heels start to peel and crack, then cook three potatoes in their skins, and boil in a small amount of water to the potatoes then this could potoloch.

get hot potato liquid drain into the basin (after you potatoes potolkli, can either be drained or be placed in a bowl all the resulting potato mixture), then put a tablespoon with the top of the soda and add a little cold water to keep your feet couldput in the tub and steam them.In a potato-soda bath to keep your feet for 5-7 minutes.Then fine pumice or a soft brush to clean the soles of the direction from the heel to the toes.Then rinse the f

eet, wipe them dry, apply a rich cream for feet, and after 5-7 minutes pat dry cloth or piece of gauze.If you want to increase the effect, you can at this time to cover the feet or wear socks - is not that a mask and a compress, however, and it does not need to keep more than half an hour.

Potato-soda bath with cracks on the heels

If you have cracked heels, you will help potato soda foot bath with the addition of chamomile: add to hot potato broth is not water, and ostuzhennoy camomile tea, and also add baking soda.Then the bath will be more and antiseptic effect.Tray made of approximately 2 liters: liter of broth potatoes and a liter of infusion of chamomile.

Olive oil from the cracks on the heels

perfectly heals cracks in the heels that's what means.100 g of olive oil onion boil, then remove it and add to the hot oil 100 grams of propolis - quickly disperse in olive oil, then remove the mass from the heat.The resulting emulsion lubricate the cracks on the legs to heal.The same recipe can use instead of propolis beeswax.