Aromatic foot massage

Aromatherapy massage - one of the most enjoyable and effective types of massage.It can help you solve many different problems - physical, emotional, mental, beauty.It can invigorate or soothe, reduce irritability or give energy to activate mental activity, relieve pain and tension in the muscles, lift the tone, excite, even put to sleep.

Aromatherapy massage is carried out very gently and delicately, using stroking techniques, kneading, light strokes, circular movements.Energetic and strong patting and pressing are absolutely unacceptable.

Impact on specific points of the foot is able to remove many of the problems of the whole organism, and in combination with essential oils beneficial effect increases and reaches its maximum value.

"For relaxation, restful sleep, try to execute an aromatic massage in the evening."

In preparing aromatic compositions remember simple rules:

- before the massage base oil warm up to a comfortable temperature - about 37 ° C

- add a few drops of essential oil or a mix

ture ofessential oils of your choice or recommendation (for example, Athlete's Foot is best to use essential oils of cypress, sage, orange and tea tree, with tired legs - the oil of lavender or rosemary).

finished rub massage tool in your hands, then spread evenly over the surface area of ​​the body massaged.Aromatherapy massage is carried out in the conclusion of all other treatments for body care.

aromatic massage techniques

1. Apply massage oil on your skin, rub with light strokes, sliding movements of the fingertips to the side of the body.

2. Begin with the thumb, massaging from top to bottom, and then on the side surfaces.

3. The upper part of the foot massage in circular movements of the thumbs, then go to the foot.

4. The rest of the fingers in a circular motion massage simultaneous thumbs.

5. Complete massage stroking, then place your hands on your feet and hold them there for about 30 seconds.

For relaxation, restful sleep, try to execute an aromatic massage in the evening.Use a light, non-staining oil (almond or jojoba), adding 4-5 drops of desired relaxing aroma oils of lavender or sandalwood: take the palm of a small amount of oil, tenderly and gently massage your lower legs and feet stroking movements for 3-4minutes each, until the oil is absorbed into the skin.Breathing should be quiet and deep.