Footbaths from cracked heels , corns

Cracks in the heels occur due to excessive dryness of the skin, and often deliver some trouble walking.Examine your shoes and if you notice thin incisions, proceed immediately to treatment, do not allow the deepening cracks.Deep cracks folk remedies to cure it is very difficult.If you have minor cracks on the heels, then try to make a foot bath.

Tray of tincture milkweed

100-150 g of grass milkweed, 10 liters of water.Boil the water and immediately add the chopped herbs milkweed.Cover with a lid, let the infusion cool down to a comfortable temperature and lower legs for 20-30 minutes it.Then his feet dry with a towel, put on socks.Carry out the procedure before going to bed.

Citrus bath

slices of lemon or orange, water .Add the warm foot bath slices of lemon or orange, take a bath for 15-20 minutes duration.Remove dead skin cells, rinse with warm water and apply cream.

soothing herbal bath (for mild to moderate skin roughness)

5 tablespoons of the mixture of herbs: mother and stepmoth

er, nettle, St. John's wort, 2-3 liters of water .Prepare a decoction of herbs, allow to cool to 40 ° C and take bath for 10-15 minutes.Gently towel dry feet, clear of rough skin.

Tray blueberry

6 tablespoons of crushed leaves of blueberry, 2.5 liters of water.Boil 1 liter of water, put a blueberry leaves, remove the water from the fire and close the lid.Let sit 20 minutes, strain.Pour the infusion in the remaining warm water, lower your legs and take a bath for 30 minutes.

Tray Blueberry

5 tablespoons of berries and blueberry leaves, 2.5 liters of water.In boiling water, add leaves and blueberries, cover and allow to stand for 20 minutes.Ready infusion of strain, add the remaining warm water, use a foot bath lasting 30 minutes.

Tray from the leaves and flowers of heather

3 tablespoons of crushed leaves and flowers of heather, 2.5 liters of water .Fill with heather flowers and leaves with hot water, bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes.Then strain the infusion, add the remaining water.Take a foot bath for 20 minutes.