Fashion history.Sensual beauty of the Italians of the Renaissance

In place of the Middle Ages, with its gloomy Catholic worldview, asceticism and abstinence have a new life-affirming outlook of the Renaissance (Renaissance) with its sensual beauty and joy of life.From slender, fragile, flat-chested girl of the previous era, both from the bud, blossom, mature woman in all its glorious fullness: a tall, statuesque figure, thin waist, curvy hips, like Venus Callipyge, smooth silky skin matte color, the legs are long and slender,bottom thin with strong snow-white calves, narrow, but not thin, small feet with high-rise, wide rounded shoulders, a long neck, refined face with a high forehead, white teeth glistening dark brown or blue eyes, beautiful mouth with scarlet and luscious lips, the lower should be somewhat swollen, ... and noble movement.

One from the ideals of female beauty that time will certainly become a simple baker's daughter Margarita Road (better known as a great Fornarina - from forno - oven, fornaj - baker) (? 1496-), whose angelic image inspired by the g

reat Renaissance painter Raphael to createseveral masterpieces of world art, including the famous "Sistine Madonna".

her ideal image embodied the magic brush of genius Raphael, decorated with art galleries and museums all over the world ...

fashion trends of the Renaissance touched and hairstyles and hair color, and finally, the shape and size of the bust women.Everywhere was the main criterion for naturalness, proportionality.For example, following the Treaty of Agnolo Firenzuola "The beauty of women": perfect breasts - gradually, imperceptibly rising, but not necessarily wide, and certainly high.Lush bust - a symbol of the revival of the healthy instinct and quite earthly interests - became the main pride of the ladies of the Renaissance.

..Kstati, in imitation of the Greek and Roman apodesmiyu mamillare (a kind of bra) were Italian (though over a dress) wide strip of embroidered cloth, velvet or brocade.Her .shnurovali front, and she supported the bust.Aristocrat this fashionable piece toilet soon tired.But a commoner who work at home and in the home needed comfortable clothing, renaissance 'Bra' liked ...

has come a blossoming of the earth cult of female beauty: 89-67-88 and weighs 58 kg.

At this time dominated women who so convincingly glorified in centuries great expert Peter Paul Rubens of the female body, such as the most beautiful women of her time Venetian Bianca Cappello (1548-1587), Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

Women's hair, were considered especially sinful temptation, became the subject of chanting and worship artists and poets.The most important condition of feminine beauty were blonde (pale gold color) or gold (or, as they said, like the burning rays of the sun) hair.And Italian women with beautiful red or raven hair (like Bianca Capello) wanted to become a blonde by any means

of hair coloring (up to the use of alkali) to discoloration for a couple of months in the scorching southern sun through special hats ( "Solan"or" solntsevikov ") guarding the face from the sun and at the same time contribute to hair discoloration, which were placed on the wet field baggy these hats.As for painting barber took a lot of money, but it is currently able to afford a few, that preference was given to burn-in the sun.

passes it well.Splayed hair wetting liquid for gilding prepared from the juice of the roots of the May hazelnut, saffron, bovine bile, swallow droppings, ambergris burnt bear claws and yaschernogo oil.This solution is continuously applied to the hair.Periodic combing comb of ivory allow him to penetrate to the roots of the hair.The whole procedure took place at the lodge or on the roofs of houses in a specially constructed for this little light plank booths without roofs, which are protected from the eyes of curious ladies reached the correct "color".

Fashionable became a large oval or rectangular cut-out.Sometimes it was covered with precious embroidered cutout insert - gold or silver mesh with pearls.The triangular cut-back visually lengthens the neck and gave fashionistas girlish grace.This emphasizes the beauty of a healthy body, which did not hesitate to show the Italians.Then all went to the famous fashionista Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519): it has introduced a fashionable dress with bare shoulders.With her light hand appeared and flirty "Stray neckline": it is the motion could pull off one shoulder or slide on the back, and sometimes even show as if at random movement of the entire breast.